Last month astronomers at NASA discovered seven Earth-sized planets orbiting TRAPPIST-1, a star outside of our solar system. Astronomers say the climates of these planets are temperate, meaning that with the right amount of greenhouses gasses, they could sustain life. Cue the Twittersphere freaking out about potential alien friends.

As a foodie, my first thought after hearing about this discovery was obviously what do these potential alien friends eat? Although we have some drool-worthy food here on Earth, there are some culinary creations I'm still waiting on. Here's to hoping the inhabitants of these seven planets are munching on these seven out of this world foods:

1. Peanut Butter Infused Bananas

vegetable, banana
Delissa Handoko

If you're anything like me, you can't eat a banana without a side of peanut butter. Whether it's smeared on toast, stirred into oatmeal, or mixed into a smoothie, you can't deny that these two foods pair perfectly together. The only thing more perfect would be if bananas were grown with a peanut butter core. Ship some over to Earth ASAP friends.

2. Custom Neapolitan Ice Cream

coffee, pizza
Eileen Wang

For those of you who don't know, Neapolitan ice cream is a container with three separate blocks of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream. These classic flavors are good, but how cool would it be if you could customize which three flavors came in your container and then pick it up at the grocery store? I'd definitely choose three of my favorite dairy-free Ben and Jerry's flavors for my mix.

3. Cereal That Doesn't Get Soggy

cream, milk, sweet, corn, cereal
Kirby Barth

Or in other words, every college student's dream. It's scientifically proven that crunchy food tastes better than soggy food, and cereal is the best representation of that. If our potential alien friends aren't eating this yet, we'll have to slide into their DMs and figure out a plan to make this dream come true.

4. Pizza Fries

pizza, mozzarella, sauce, basil, tomato, spinach, tomato sauce
Alex Weiner

A few years ago Burger King introduced the chicken fries, a hybrid of two fast food favorites, thus rocking the worlds of both lovers of chicken and lovers of fries. I hope our potential alien friends have one upped us earthlings and invented the pizza fry. I also hope that they will share.

5. Apple Pie Flavored Ice Cream

apple, pie, apple pie
Jocelyn Hsu

I'm a fan of all things apple pie, like the apples, cinnamon, sugar, and pie crust, however, I don't love apple pie. Something about warm apples rubs me the wrong way. So if I could enjoy all the flavors I love but in a cold form, my Thanksgivings would be 100x better. If not, I'll definitely try out the apple pie flavored Oreos coming later this year.

6. Breakfast Sandwich Granola Bars

dairy product, cake, sweet, cheese, bread, egg
Jenny McGregor

I used to love breakfast sandwiches with eggs, cheese, and bacon before I went vegan. I still like the taste of these foods, but simply cannot stomach them anymore knowing where they come from. A breakfast sandwich flavored granola bar would be spectacular not only for me but also for non-vegans. It would be a quick and easy morning meal. Hopefully, it would be quick and easy to ship to Earth from another solar system, too.

7. A Candy Bar Named After Their Solar System

chocolate, candy
Kelda Balijon

Here on Earth, we all enjoy a good ole Milky Way candy bar sometimes. We even take honoring our solar system through dessert a step further with recipes like these Milky Way cookies. Although we don't know the name of this new solar system yet, I can only hope that our potential alien friends honor it with a candy bar too.

In 2018, astronomers are launching the James Webb Space Telescope. It will have an "unprecedented view of the universe," according to an article from CNN. Hopefully it can spy the pizza fry and some of these other goodies.