We're about to go into week 9, the school year is wrapping up, and pretty soon we'll be going from sitting out in the quad to holing up inside with our books to our noses. Before we say goodbye to another year of craziness, you should definitely round up these picnic essentials, plant yourself in the arboretum for the day, and enjoy the squirrels for a few hours longer.

1. Fruit 

apple, pear
Hana Brannigan

Fruit is possibly the easiest thing to bring on a picnic, and springtime is the best season for it. Head over to the farmers' market and grab yourself a carton of berries, a few of the sweetest gala apples and the ripest peaches you can find. You'll be in for a treat that's good for you too.

2. Cold Cuts, Cheese, and Crackers

salami, ham, bread, cheese
Maggie Lees

One of my favorite grab and go foods are the adult versions of the Lunchables pepperoni and cheese. At a local deli or even Trader Joe's, pick up a roll of goat cheese, a slice of Brie and a pack of salami.

3. A Baguette

baguette, bread
Tatum Kelly

Meat and cheese? Might as well add some bread while you're at it. No one's going to know that all you did was up your ham and cheese sandwich game. A nice crusty baguette and a knob of creamy, salted butter are all you really need in your life. 

4. Apple Juice

apple, vegetable, juice
Corinne Robertson

The Davis Farmers' Market is well known for their apple juice, and a Davis picnic wouldn't be complete without one. This is a cider like no apple juice you've ever had before. Make sure you grab a bottle, or if you're like me, a gallon. 

5. Hummus and Pita Chips

vegetable, hummus, bread
Christin Urso

Everyone loves a good chips and dip, but this makes for a snack that's healthy, tasty, and filling. My personal favorite is the roasted garlic hummus from Trader Joe's with whole wheat pita chips on the side. If you're feeling adventurous, you should try making your own hummus

6. Dessert Bar

oatmeal, cake, candy, sweet, cookie, chocolate
Alex Tom

Dessert: necessary. What's not so necessary is the mess that comes with it. Bars are the way to go for a picnic. You could have the most amazing seven layer magic bars, or strawberry rhubarb if you're looking for something a little more fruity. Either way, these are versatile, easy and portable.

7. Caprese Salad

strawberry, tomato, pepper, salad, vegetable
Sofia Gonzalez

Another easy go-to food is this three (five if you count the olive oil, salt, and pepper) ingredient salad that's especially good when tomatoes are in season. Throw together cherry tomatoes, bocconcini (tiny mozzarella cheese balls) and torn up basil leaves. Season with salt and pepper and you're ready to go. For added flavor, add some melon and prosciutto as well. 

8. Utensils, Plates, and Blankets

beer, tea
Kendall Blizzard

Not a food, but essential nonetheless. These are the things that I always seem to forget. If you're going to have a picnic in Davis' lovely spring weather, then remember to bring paper plates and plastic forks because the last thing you'll want is to have a bunch of food without a means to eat them. A blanket to sit on or straw mats are also absolute musts. 

We have three weeks left, two really when you count all the weeks that aren't going to be too crazy. Enjoy the last few weeks before saying bye to Davis for the next few months, or forever.