Last week, Camila Cabello released her debut solo album, Camila, and it is pure genius.

At merely 20 years old, Camila Cabello manages to create lyrics with the introspection and eloquence of a woman who has had at least a decade more’s worth of life experiences. Her tracks are eerily relatable, and whether one is dancing to a bop or crying to one of her (many) heartfelt ballads, there is no doubting Camila's incredible talent for making one feel like they are not alone in experiencing the confusing emotional turmoil of growing up. 

So if you're anything like my friends and me, and you decided to hold a Camila listening party, here is a list of interesting cocktails you could try make to fit the general mood of each song. These could be consumed as part of a drinking game (e.g. the amount of sips of a cocktail you drink is determined by how relatable you find each song), or simply sipped on at a gradual pace. 

NOTE: please drink responsibly, and consume food before you drink; also, I decided not to include the 11th track on this list because it's a radio edit of "Never Be The Same" and so would be redundant to write about. 

1. "Never Be The Same": Lemon-Thyme Vodka Lemonade:

"Never Be The Same" is a song about the addictive, refreshing, and intoxicating feeling of new love. This variation of vodka lemonade is the physical equivalent of this feeling, as it's a mix of fresh citrus, tangy bubbles, and soothing, aromatic thyme.

It's simultaneously therapeutic and exhilarating, and contains the perfect amount of vodka to let yourself be carried away by Camila Cabello's ~impressive~ high notes. Recipe here

2. "All These Years": Carrot Cake Cocktail

Camila's heartfelt croon perfectly portrays this track's heartbreaking lyrics about not being able to get over a former flame who has long moved on. Combined with the soft, simple instrumental consisting mainly of acoustic guitar, her voice makes one feel all the inexplicable feels.  

What better way to drown the feels than with the flavour of sweet, happy carrot cake? Vanilla vodka, spiced rum, Irish cream liqueur and cinnamon are just a few of the ingredients in this wondrous beverage

3. "She Loves Control": Thai Bomber Martini

This spicy Thai-inspired cocktail contains jalapeños, gin, Thai basil leaves, and dry vermouth, and is garnished with sugar and chili powder. It's a drink that's guaranteed to spice up your life, and it's perfect to sip on as you dance to this song about a woman who refuses to be tied down, and who wants to live life on her own terms. You'll find the recipe here

4. "Havana": Crema de Vie 

Of course, for "Havana," I had to use a drink from Cuba. But instead of going for the conventional Cuba Libre, try Crema de Vie. Made from condensed milk, egg yolk, vanilla and white rum, its sweet taste and relaxing texture will take you to a hot summer's night of dancing under the dark Havana sky.

5. "Inside Out": Frozen Banana Daiquiri

"Inside Out" is a lighthearted song about the hopes of a budding relationship, and its fun, dance-y beat and fresh sound make one feel as if they should be downing a sweet fruit cocktail by a crystal blue swimming pool on a hot, carefree summer's day.  

This Frozen Banana Daiquiri contains both light and dark rum, as well as lime and orange juice and sugar, to give you a flavour of the tropics and put you in a jovial, chirpy mood. 

6. "Consequences": The Diamondback Lounge Cocktail

My favourite track on this album is arguably the saddest and the most universally relatable, and ponders over the awful consequences of listening to your heart as opposed to your head in difficult romantic situations. So good lord will you need the alcohol when listening to it. 

The drink of choice here is the Diamondback Lounge, made with rye whiskey, applejack and yellow Chartreuse. It's pretty yummy, but make sure that you can handle your liqueurs before you attempt to tackle this.

7. "Real Friends": Pink Gin

With this chilled-out track, Camila Cabello articulates the bitterness of feeling alone in company, and the helpless pain that comes with superficial friendship.

It's a sad song but relaxing to listen to, and so the bitterness of your choice of gin combined with the sweet pink fizz of lemonade and strawberries (or any other rosy-coloured fruit!) make this drink a pretty fitting companion. It's a little more conventional than the other drinks, but fits the track's mellow mood. 

8. "Something's Gotta Give": Raspberry and Chocolate Espresso Martini

"Something's Gotta Give" is another one of Camila's ballads that puts a range of emotions (anger, sadness, hurt, disappointment, etc.) into simple lyrics that hit you straight in the heart.

For a song that talks about a relationship gone sour, a bittersweet drink made with espresso-flavoured vodka, raspberries, and chocolate is in order. As you listen, get ready to bow down to Queen Camila Cabello, who is somehow capable of impeccably describing the frustration that comes with an empty, aimless attachment. 

9. "In the Dark": The Basilico

This cocktail is a mix of a ton of different flavours, including citron vodka, peach liqueur, and apple liqueur, and it's the culinary representation of the mélange of emotions present in this song. 

"In the Dark" is inquisitive, and peels back the guarded layers of the outer persona of the singer's romantic interest. Similarly, this cocktail is overwhelming on the surface, but once you uncover and appreciate all its different elements, it's a whole new experience.

10. "Into It": Minty Papaya Margarita with Chile de Arbol Spice 

This cocktail is a mouthful to say, but quite simple to make. Composed of fresh papaya, lime juice, Tequila Blanco and dried chiles de arbol, it's a thrilling whirlwind of flavours that captures the lightheaded, drunk-on-love nature of the song. 

Much like the song itself, this cocktail is crisp and fruity, and a pleasant one to sip on as you lose yourself in the electric beat and Camila's passionate lyrics. 

As you can probably tell, I'm a huge fan of Camila's new album, and of expanding my cocktail-making horizons. If you're feeling adventurous, try out one of the cocktails above, and maybe even add your own flair to it. Go forth, and unleash your inner culinary Camila. 

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