Ed Sheeran, the king of hitting us right in the feels, recently released one of his best albums yet. His new album, Divide, is a collection of both upbeat and, in true Ed fashion, emotionally wrecking songs. If you resonate with at least one of these songs, you probably need a drink. Here's a list of drinks that would go best with your sobs (or happiness).

1. "Eraser"


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Easy two-step shots to take the sting away. 

2. "Castle on the Hill"

Ginger Beer Margaritas | Minimalist Baker Recipes

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These ginger beer margaritas are the perfect drinks to sit back and reminisce on old times with old friends.

3. "Dive"


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You know what won't lead you on and break your heart, Ed? This drink called Surfer on Acid.  

4. "Shape of You"  

Drink Up Springtime

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Get your bubbly on while jamming to this massive tune.

5. "Perfect"

Partida Paloma

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The Partida Paloma, a sweet and salty drink; kinda like my feelings about this love song. Jk. Maybe. Either way, this drink is the perfect match.

6. "Galway Girl"

Cocktails and Wine

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This song is the destination and this Irish Mule is your transportation to the pub with ya boy. 

7. "Happier"


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We've all made mistakes when it comes to relationships; if anyone knows how to poor salt all over that wound, it's Ed. This Long Island Iced Tea sounds like the only option, TBH.

8. "New Man"

Bloggers' Best Drink Recipes

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Mixed signals are truly an art form. If you're ex is still hitting you up after starting a new relationship then this ginger whiskey drink is for you.

9. "Hearts Don't Break Around Here"

Tipsy Bartender

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Hearts don't break when you're sipping this Caramel sweetness.

10. "What Do I Know?"

No cocktail necessary for this one. Open a beer and take it easy.

11. "How Would You Feel (Paean)"


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This Bourbon Pomegranate Sour is the answer.

12. "Supermarket Flowers"


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A beautifully written song can only be accompanied with a White Russian.

13. "Barcelona"

Pineapple Mojito Sangria | Kitchen Treaty

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The pineapple mojito sangria will take you to Barcelona with Ed.

14. "Bibia Be Ye Ye"


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Since you can't jump around with a drink in your hand, this upbeat, summer jam calls for a Tequila Sunrise popsicle. Fun Fact: Bibia Be Ye Ye is in Twi, a Ghanaian dialect, meaning 'All Will Be Well'.

15. "Nancy Mulligan"


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Get Cinnamon Toast Crunk with Nancy and William Sheeran.

16. "Save Myself"

Tropical Painkiller - Cooking With Curls

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Save yourself from the fake people with a Painkiller or simply pre-game with it, same thing.

Grab your speakers, some booze, and enjoy the tunes.   Cheers, mate!