In my house, every time we have a gathering, charcuterie has become the main event. While most families look forward to celebrating at parties, I look forward to plates of assorted meats and cheeses. I love to get creative with my boards and have already started planning my next creation.

However, I’ve started to question the nature of my limits. Do I need to stick to the classic (and always amazing) board, overflowing with cheese, bread, fruit, and assorted deli meats? Or can I try something new, something creative, something that is perfectly on theme for any occasion (something that my festive nature especially loves!)? To answer these crucial questions, I present to you my list of my favorite on-theme and off-the-board charcuterie designs. Happy snacking!

1. Breakfast Charcuterie Board

Photo by A Gouda Life

Who said charcuterie is only for happy hour?! Some of my favorite memories take place on Sunday mornings, eating a big breakfast with my family to end the weekend. We love making breakfast charcuterie boards piled high with bagels, fresh fruit, waffles, bacon, and eggs. Put all of your favorite breakfast items on one board and have a spread worth waking up early for!

2. Charcuterie Cups

 Photo by Living in Normal

This is definitely one of my favorite ideas! This is such a convenient way for guests to get a little bit of everything! A festive cup would put these individual charcuterie cups over the top! Not to mention they are germ-friendly!

3. S’mores Board

Photo by Jerrelle Guy

This is perfect for a summer bonfire, a cozy winter log fire, or even an autumn camping trip! You can add any toppings you’d like, both salty and sweet! Some of my personal favorites are pretzels, peanut butter cups, and fresh strawberries. With all of these delicious elements you’ll have yourself quite the s’mores-gasbord!

4. Taco Board

Photo by Taste of Home

Did someone say Taco Tuesday?! There is nothing better than a taco piled high with all of your favorite toppings. What I love most about this board is that it lets your creativity shine through. Beans? Cheese? Salsa?! Yes Please! Personally, I’ll be stealing all of the sour cream….

5. Bagel Board

Photo by Sea Salt Savorings

I would be doing us all an injustice if I didn’t include a bagel board! Hailing from New Jersey, I consider bagels their own (superior) food group, so I am particularly passionate about this one. So many toppings to consider! My go-to is an everything bagel with scallion cream cheese, but I think that this board is the perfect opportunity to try something new! Maybe lox and cream cheese? Bacon and avocado? The possibilities are endless and my mouth is already watering!

6. Butter Board

Photo by Best Appetizers

When recently discussing butter boards with a friend of mine, we found ourselves wondering what butter could be used on besides bread. This seemingly innocent question made us realize that, the real question is not what to butter, but rather how. Should it be salty or sweet? What can be mixed in? With a butter board, that is up for you to decide (and hopefully share with us—we really want to know)!

7. Burger Board

 Photo by The Baker Mama

Who wouldn’t want to BYOB (Build Your Own Burger)?! With toppings ranging from the classics—cheese, ketchup, lettuce, pickles, you get the idea—to some of the more unique, you can take your own spin on this BBQ classic. Even better, making it a slider board allows you to try even more drool-worthy combinations! The world is your oyster or…uh…burger board?

8. Buffalo Wing Board

Photo by Passion for Savings

With the Super Bowl coming up, my mind is on one of the most important parts of the game—the snacks! Wings are a staple of any football game and with so many choices where could you possibly go wrong?! Now the only question that remains is what team are you rooting for—ranch or blue cheese??

9. Hummus Board

Photo By Tatyana’s Everyday Food

My favorite snack is hummus and carrots, so I may be a little biased on this one. Not only are there so many different dippers to choose from—like pita bread, pretzels, carrots, and so many more—but there are also so many different types of hummus! I recently discovered everything bagel hummus, which has quickly become my favorite. For a sweeter touch, chocolate hummus makes you feel like you are eating a delicious dessert! With so many options this hummus board is more like a YUM-mus board! Yikes—don’t let my bad puns discourage you from creating your own hummus masterpiece!!

10. Dessert Board

 Photo by Britney Bakes Bread

I hope you saved room for dessert! This board is a piece of cake (get it?), just add your favorite cookies, candies, and other sweet treats! This is the perfect finale to any meal—or article!