Food floats are the new #basic swan float. If you don't have a picture on a doughnut float, did you even go to the pool? That said, some of the awesome pool floats out there can actually be pretty pricey. If you still want to capture that Insta-worthy pic, but you're not willing to drop $50 on a floating pizza, here's a list of food floats that you can score for $20 or under.

1. Doughnut

Ok, so I had to start with one of the most classic food floats: the doughnut. I could just take a bite out of this! Well, not really, because then I'd sink. But whether you like chocolate or strawberry doughnuts, you can get this food float on Amazon for $19.99.

If you want to feel extra trendy for even less money, you can buy a Rainbow Swirl Donut float for $17.95. Who has time to drive all the way to Brooklyn for the real colorful treat anyways?

2. Pineapple

Who doesn't love piña coladas by the pool? Skip the hangover and go straight for the pineapple with this fruity float. You can find one like this at Target for only $19.99.

3. Ice Cream Sandwich

An ice cream sandwich is the perfect summer treat after a long, hot day. But while you're waiting for the ice cream truck to drive by, you can lay out on this icy pool float. Get an ice cream sandwich pool float for $19.99 on Amazon. 

4. Watermelon

Nothing quite says summer like a juicy hunk of watermelon. And naturally, the next best thing to eating it is laying on an inflatable version in the pool. You can get your own watermelon float at Target for $19.99. Unfortunately, with this float, you'll just have to deal with the seeds

5. Popcorn

While I do love curling up to watch a movie with some popcorn, it is summer. So, there is no excuse to stay locked up inside away from the sunshine. Bring your popcorn to the pool with this float — you can order it online for $19.95 at Fantasy Toyland. 

6. Taco

Lets taco 'bout this pool float (sorry, not sorry). It is the perfect accessory for any fiesta this summer. You can get your taco float from Amazon for $19.95 — guac not included.

7. Avocado

Could you get any more basic? This trendy avocado float is picture-perfect. It's especially nice that, unlike your typical circular pool float, the avocado has a place to rest your head. You can get your own avocado float on Amazon for $19.99.  

8. Pretzel

Grab some friends, and fit up to three people on this pretzel float — the best bang for your buck! Even if you can't make the trip, this float will take you to NYC and remind you of those dollar-pretzel carts on every corner. You can get one of these on Amazon for only $12.13.

9. Gum Ball Machine

Gigantic, colorful, and fun — this gum ball machine pool float is pretty creative and perfect for relaxing in the sun. You'll be like a kid in a candy shop. Get your gum ball machine-inspired pool float on Amazon for $19.99.

10. Candy

Upgrade your typical pool noodle with these sweet treats —they're much more photo-worthy than the real thing. Find your Tootsie Roll and Smarties floats on Amazon, each for $16.99. 

The options are endless when it comes to food-like pool floats, but you don't have to break the bank to score the perfect one for your summer pool parties. From sweet to savory, there's one for everyone. You better believe I just ordered my doughnut float!