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The Sweetest and Easiest Hot Cocoa Mix Ever

Gift Giving is Hard in College

We all know how the holidays can be. We are running around searching for the best gift for our loved ones, and usually, it comes with a high price. It is important to realize that DIY gifts are always appreciated, and this hot cocoa mix will certainly get used! Who wouldn't love to cuddle up in a warm blanket, turn on the Polar Express, and sip this comforting hot cocoa in their favorite mug? This simple recipe of just 4 ingredients showcases the magnificence of hot chocolate in a Mason jar (thank you Pinterest). 

What you will need:

16 oz (1 pint) Mason jars

1 container Nestle milk chocolate hot cocoa mix

1 large bag of Nestle mini chocolate chips

1 bag Kraft mini marshmallows (Learn to make your own here)

1 bag Ghirardelli peppermint chunks

That is all you need! This step-by-step tutorial will help you create a thoughtful and edible present for Christmas, birthdays, or just for fun! I made multiple hot cocoa mixes, and needed quite a lot of Mason jars...

How to Make It

First, I took each Mason jar out of the container and labeled them with "Hot Cocoa Mix". However, you could label the top with anything you'd like! Make sure to use a permanent marker so that it won't wipe off when you wrap it.

Now that all of the Mason jars are labeled, the next step is to pour approximately 1 cup of the Nestle hot cocoa mix into each 16 oz jar. Each large hot cocoa mix container yields about 6 Mason jar mixes. 

Make sure to pour the hot cocoa mix carefully into the Mason jar. It tends to be a little messy! I gently knocked the jar on the table to create an even line.

Now comes the chocolate chips! It doesn't matter how many you put into the jar, but make sure they form a visible, even line of chocolate! Trust me, it will look amazing. The best part about this recipe is that the amounts of each ingredient are totally up to you, which makes it even more personal! 

The next step is adding the mini marshmallows. Don't worry, you can eat some. Throughout the process of making this gift, I may or may not have eaten a large amount of each ingredient. Toss a few marshmallows (and use the extra for these recipes) in your mouth, and get right back to making your masterpiece.

We are almost done! The last step is to add the peppermint chunks to the remaining top of the Mason jar. These were so addicting, I snacked on a handful as I made these! You can generously fill up the Mason jar- I patted the marshmallows down a little bit to make room for the peppermint chunks.

Voila! Your DIY Mason jar hot cocoa mix is complete. People of all ages will love this present, and I highly recommend making one for yourself! Out of wrapping paper? No problem! Tie a piece of string, twine, or ribbon to the rim of the Mason jar and tie a candy cane on it. Festive, fun, and eye-catching. You're welcome.

I must warn you, it will get addicting! Making one turns into 20 really quick. Satisfy your sweet tooth (and check these sugar-loaded places out!) and give the gift of DIY Mason jars this Christmas.

Spoon on and Happy Holidays!