Bake sales are a tradition at BCA because they are easy, quick, and make lots of money. Clubs and several other organizations are always trying to raise funds for their cause and they need a medium to obtain that money. Lucky for them, BCA has an elaborate bake sale system! Although bake sales are constantly being run, it is not the easiest thing to plan. Lucky for you, we have a thorough guide to planning your bake sale

1. Booking

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Denise Uy

Let's start with the booking. The very first step in booking your bake sale is deciding on a date. One of my secret tips is to book it during any time where BT athletes come through the entrance to the gym. BT athletes are hungry and want something to eat. Bake sales make money from BT athletes so that's why it's important to try to book a date with a sports practice or game. Another crucial component is knowing when most people will be available. It is much preferable to have a bake sale on a day where 3 people are free last hour than a day where only 1 person is free. The second step in booking your bake sale is getting a teacher to submit a bake sale request for you through Outlook. The administrator will then get back to your teacher and give her a date. After that, your teacher will give you the date for your club or organization's club! Now it's time to plan it

2. Planning

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Emily Waples

Planning the event requires you to ask your club/organization two things: volunteers and food/drink. We will discuss volunteers in the next paragraph but food/drink are a definite must. You need water or soda for those students that are thirsty. You need a bunch of treats to sell! Cookies, brownies, cakes, etc. will definitely make heads turn. But the most important item, the focal point of your entire sale has to be THE PIZZA. Pizza is critical for a successful bake sale. Whether it be House of Pizza or Domino's Pizza, pizza will sell. For the 2021 ClassCo bake sale, we sold 10 pies of Domino's pizza before elective hour even ended! So in my opinion, Domino's pizza is definitely better. Overall, food (especially pizza) and volunteers are the two crucial components when planning a bake sale.

3. Execution

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The last part is the execution - the actual bake sale. The bake sales are always in front of the gym and there will always be a table near the area. You need to get at least three volunteers for a bake sale. One of them manages the money aspect while the other two are busy selling and yelling at others to buy. is the easiest - all you gotta do is wait for the money to roll in. 

That's it. Hopefully, this guide helped bring some clarity to the art of planning bake sales. Now, just count all the money from your bake sale, and you've made big bank. Your organization or club raised awareness and fueled unity. Congratulations!