Every year, American families gather round the table and enjoy traditional foods together on Thanksgiving. The day is usually filled with football, family and friends, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, lots of gratitude and full bellies. Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year or being hosted, here are the perfect wine pairings for your meal. 

For Cranberry Sauce: Sparkling Rosé

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Isabella Nardone

Sparkling rosé is a fun addition to Thanksgiving dinner because it not only adds bubbles, but also it adds red fruit flavors that will complement that of the cranberries. Sparkling rosé can be cava (Spanish), cremant or champagne (French), spumante (Italian), sekt (German) or sparkling (American). Each of these terms indicates a sparkling wine from its designated country.

For Squash/Carrots/Cauliflower: Chenin blanc 

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Annelise Vought

Chenin blanc is a white wine primarily produced in South Africa, and it is more on the acidic side of wine. It'll pair nicely with these autumnal vegetables because it has so many nuanced flavors — apple, pear, persimmon, ginger and honey.

For Yams: Riesling

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Jaime Wilson

Because Riesling wines are usually very high in acidity, the wines are also very sweet to balance the acid. The sweetness of both the Riesling wine and the yams will complement one another. You can expect stone fruit (peach, apricot and nectarine) aromas in this white wine.

For Mashed Potatoes: Merlot

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Helena Lin

Mashed potatoes are a Thanksgiving classic! They pair well with Merlot, which is a red grape used to make wine with a medium to full body. Wine's "body" derives from its alcohol content, but it manifests as a mouthfeel and sort of thickness, which will pair wonderfully with the thickness of mashed potatoes.

For Turkey: Pinot Noir

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Caroline Ingalls

Often people pair white meats with white wines, but white meats can also be paired with light red wines. Pinot noir is a thin-skinned red grape, and it has a light body (mouth-feel) and light amount of tannins (which add bitterness to wine). Often pinot noir combines red fruit and vegetal aromas.

For Pumpkin Pie: Icewine or Muscat

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Caroline Bowman

Icewine is made from frozen grapes that are grown in extremely cold climates. This wine is incredibly sweet and acidic, and it is usually from Canada, Germany, or Australia. Muscat, on the other hand, is a very sweet and fruity white wine with a high alcohol content. Both of these wine choices will pair nicely with a sweet pumpkin pie. 

No matter where or when you celebrate Thanksgiving this year, your dinner will be complete with these wine pairings. Enjoy delicious food and wine as you reflect on all the things for which to be grateful. Cheers!