It's New Year's Eve and you're stuck hosting the party. You could spend the rest of 2016 planning out the menu...

... Or you could wait until the last possible second (like every other college kid) and throw together some super easy, super tasty, homemade treats! Plus who doesn't love a good recipe video?

These 17 drinks, finger-foods, and breakfast options will have you ringing in the New Year with happy tastebuds.

1. Birthday Cake Shots

Start off the night right with some festive shots. Bonus points if you use sparkly sprinkles!

2. Pop Rocks Martinis 

This fruity drink will not only taste good, but give you major flashbacks to your youth (so, like, ten years ago) and pop in your mouth.

3. Santa Claus-mopolitan 

Christmas might have passed, but that doesn't mean that your holiday spirit has to. 

4. Boozy Hot Chocolate

Four cozy recipes for if you're having a smaller get-together, but still want to get a lil tipsy

5. Twizzler Straws

This hack adds some to color to any regular drink and it literally takes five seconds. 

6. Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

Make lots of treats quickly with these stuffed strawberries.

7. Peppermint Chocolate No Bake Bites

The figs in these no bake bites will keep you energized all NYE. 

8. Funfetti Kit Kats 

Homemade KitKats convince your guests that you spent all day in the kitchen. 

9. Pepperoni Cheese Stick Roll-ups

Bougie pizza!

10. Tailgate Cheese Dip

Celebrate the end of tailgating season with this cheesy recipe.

11. Hot Cheetos Mozz Sticks

Chances are you probably already have the ingredients (string cheese and hot Cheetos), so these mozz sticks save even more time. 

12. Dorm Room Pizza Tacos

For a fun spin on the *classic* frozen pizza, try turning it into a taco.

13. Taco Bell Double Decker

Make these double decker tacos and pretend you're celebrating NYE in Mexico

14. Chip Bag into a Bowl

Similar to the Twizzler hack, this just makes store-bought food look prettier in a short amount of time. 

15. Bacon Cinnamon Rolls 

No explanation necessary. 

16. Pancake Skewers 

These pancake skewers will be enough food for all of your guests that want a New Year's breakfast too.

17. Healthy Toasts

Try these five healthy toast options for breakfast to start your resolutions off right. re