Today, many people are beginning to lead a healthy lifestyle and kick bad habits to the curb. In order to do so, many exercise frequently and eat wholesome, nutritious foods. Of course, a large factor that goes into eating healthy is cooking, as one can control what ingredients go into their meals. However, the reality is that we won't always be able to cook our own meals. So, learning how to choose healthy options while dining out is crucial. Here are my favorite tips for eating healthy on the road.

1. Pack Snacks

Natalie Marshall

One of the most important components of healthy eating is preparation. When you're eating out or traveling, plan to bring healthy snacks rather than choosing an unhealthy option or skipping meals completely. I'd recommend snacks that are protein-packed to keep you fuller longer.

Some great snacks are nuts, fresh fruit, veggies, Greek yogurt, and unsalted popcorn. Rather than pigging out, simply prepare snacks that are easy and healthy for the road.

2. Order Your Food "Dry"

Olivia Salzman

One of my biggest tips for eating out is to order your food "dry." Basically, "dry" means that your food will not be cooked with any added oils. Whenever I get an omelette out, I always ask for spray instead of oil. You'd be surprised how many foods are cooked in oil, even the healthy ones. For example, Brussels sprouts are a vegetable that I always ask for dry, because they're typically drenched in oil.

3. Substitute Side Dishes

vegetable, meat, onion
Kaliko Zabala-Moore

Another way to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on the road is to substitute unhealthy side dishes, such as French fries or mac and cheese, for roasted vegetables or a sweet potato. I find that I don't even miss the unhealthy option because it's not on my plate. That's why I always substitute an unhealthy carb or fried side dish for a vegetable or healthy starch.

4. Explore Low-Carb Options

spaghetti, zucchini, courgette, pasta, garlic, vegetable
Katie Jannotta

While dining out, it's important to search for low-carb options. While you may be out of luck sometimes, many restaurants are beginning to offer healthier options on their menus.

One of my favorite low-carb meals to have are zoodles, a great way to cut down on carbs yet still get the spaghetti texture. Another great low-carb option for sushi lovers is to order rolls naruto-style. Naruto rolls are wrapped in cucumber rather than rice, which is a low-carb, refreshing option for the summer.

5. Order Grilled, Not Fried

chicken, vegetable, meat, sauce, chicken breast
Michelle Rodriguez

A simple tip for eating healthy on the road is to order your food grilled, not fried. Despite the many fried options, one of the easiest ways to eat healthy without even trying is to ask for your favorite fried foods to be grilled. Without the added oils and fats from being fried, you'll be able to maintain your healthy eating with no problem.

6. Portion Control

chocolate, sweet, cream
Paige Twombly

One of the biggest tips for staying healthy while eating on the road is to watch your portions. Many restaurants serve portions that are double what one portion should be. A great tip is to ask for a to-go box when your meal comes so that you can easily control your portions and have leftovers.

7. Stay Hydrated

lemon, water, lemonade
Caroline Liu

One of the most important aspects to eating healthy on the road is to stay hydrated. Often, we tend to eat more simply because we are dehydrated, not hungry. Make sure to keep re-filling your water bottle and stay hydrated. Drinking water reduces excess snacking and keeps you full.

If you're aware of your health and make a conscious effort, eating healthy on the road will be no problem.