It's a Tuesday night on the Saint Mary's College campus. You're tired and still reeling from that exam you took in your 2 P.M. class (and questioning why you had an exam this early in the semester). The Noble Family Dining Hall is open, of course, and always available to you, but you basically eat the same thing day after day. You could go for something else, like Chipotle, or maybe even Blaze. But sometimes it feels like Eddy Street is a million miles away, and that Target trip you just took emptied out your already barren bank account. Yikes.

How about settling for something creative that you can make yourself? This homemade burrito bowl is the best combination you could ask for: it's good for you and it saves you some pocket cash.

Step 1: Snag a bowl of rice from the stir-fry station

cereal, risotto, rice
Meg Brownley

This shouldn't be too difficult to get, since the stir-fry station has rice available a few days a week. Be sure to ask Chris for an extra scoop so that you have enough rice to balance out everything else that's going on top.

Step 2: Hit up the veggie station

Meg Brownley

Saint Mary's has recently upgraded our salad bar (thank goodness) so you've got extra-large portions to choose from. Generously sprinkle whatever you'd like on top of the rice. We highly recommend adding sweet yellow corn, black beans, spinach, and/or broccoli. You can never have too many vegetables, right?

Step 3: Head to the sauce and toppings bar

beer, wine
Meg Brownley

Time to get down to the good stuff. Head over to the sauce and toppings bar, where they have as many oils and seasonings as you could ever want. The selection is actually pretty impressive. For this burrito bowl, we've added some pumpkin seeds, a few chia seeds (whose health benefits are off the charts), and a drizzle of Sriracha sauce on top.

corn, salad
Meg Brownley

Step 4: Throw in some personal favorites

vegetable, rice
Meg Brownley

Go ahead and mix up your ingredients so far, and add some personal favorites – this part is up to you! We grabbed salsa (behind the peanut butter and jelly, next to the soda station on the left) to put on the side. Sour cream is always an option, too. If you're craving some meat with your bowl, ask whoever is working the grill for a piece of chicken (or two, no shame) and cut it into bite-size pieces. Add to your bowl for that extra little bit of protein.

The Saint Mary's dining hall does get a bit bland after a while, but you can always find ways to spice up your meals. Have some fun, get creative, and save that precious paycheck of yours.