Scrambled eggs are quite possibly the most classic and acceptable breakfast food of all time. They take close to no time to make, and they're becoming super trendy as people learn more about the health benefits in eggs. What you might not know is that there are several conflicting ways to make what you might consider just a simple and straight-forward breakfast staple. When it comes to eggs, everyone has an opinion. Some like them runny, some like them airy, and some just plain don't like them.  Here are four expert opinions and approaches on what goes into the perfect plate of scrambled eggs. Use them to find your own go-to method for making the perfect scramble every time.

1. Bon Appetit's "Best Soft Scrambled Eggs" 

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Kate Donald

Bon Appetit's eggs are thick, airy, and resemble an omelette more than scrambled eggs. The trick is using an immersion blender to mix the eggs into a foamy, homogeneous liquid before cooking. This extra step will give you far from average scrambled eggs that are sure to convince everyone that you belong in culinary school.

I added the egg mixture to a medium heat pan full of foaming butter, and used what I interpreted to be "broad sweeping motions" to cook the eggs. The result was a mound of light, luscious, deeply colored scrambled eggs.

These eggs are perfect for mornings when you're craving an omelette, but have to get to class in ten minutes. They are best served alone with a sprinkle of sea salt.

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Kate Donald

2. Anthony Bourdain's Scrambled Eggs

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Kate Donald

Anthony Bourdain believes that scrambled eggs should be "principally about the egg." No fancy tools. No extra ingredients. The result is sure to please any egg-lover. It is exactly what you expect from a good plate of scrambled eggs, and its silky smooth texture will always satisfy.

I used a fork to mix the eggs into a rippled white and yellow mixture, and cooked them on a hot pan of foamy butter. They cooked quickly and easily, and there were no "little egg pieces" flying around the pan. 

Everyone can agree on Bourdain's scrambled egg recipe. They sit perfectly into breakfast tacos, and are just as delicious served alone. 

3. Alton Brown's Scrambled Eggs

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Kate Donald

Alton Brown always provides us with classic and agreeable recipes, and his scrambled eggs are no different. His recipe calls for a little whole milk, leaving us with a smooth and creamy dish. He suggests mixing the eggs with a whisk until "light and foamy", but does not mention a need for any fancy tools

I added the eggs to a well-buttered high-heat pan before reducing the heat to low. Once the top still looked a little under cooked, I transferred the eggs to a heated bowl and covered them. This little trick made the eggs super creamy and custard-like. 

If you like your eggs a little on the runny side, this is the recipe for you. These scrambled eggs are best served atop toast, where they can show off their smooth, creamy top.

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Kate Donald

4. Mark Bittman's Scrambled Eggs

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Kate Donald

Mark Bittman's egg recipe is very different from the other three. It is a lot more time consuming and probably more controversial. Bittman likes his eggs cooked slowly into a thick, curdled custard of just barely cooked egg. 

I used olive oil for this recipe, which made the eggs slightly less rich. I cooked the eggs slowly over low heat, stirring with a wooden spoon. This recipe took some serious patience. It can take up to 30 minutes for the eggs to cook. But if you are a runny-egg kind of person, it's well worth the wait.

These eggs are best served on a breakfast platter along side other breakfast necessities. The curdly, creamy texture goes perfectly with a crisp piece of bacon.

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Kate Donald

The Final Consensus:

If you are looking for a classic and simple plate of scrambled eggs, trust Anthony Bourdain and Alton Brown. If what you really want is light and fluffy omelette, Bon Appetit has got you covered. If you've got time to kill in the morning, give Bittman's recipe a go. Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to eggs, so use these recipes to find your signature trick for a perfect scramble.