After some research two years ago, I realized the importance of eating breakfast. Among its many benefits, people who eat breakfast are more likely to focus in class and maintain a healthy bodyweight. Though it was a hard decision at first, I made myself get up 5 minutes earlier to make a quick breakfast.

But here is the secret no one tells you— once you start eating breakfast, there is no going back. Your body does something really strange where it starts to depend on that daily sustenance, and you start to question why everyone else is not starving when they say they have not yet eaten and it’s 1:00 in the afternoon.


Photo by MemeCenter

So in keeping with my need to maximize sleep and still eat something before class, I have an arsenal of quick breakfasts that take under 5 minutes and are easily made in a dorm room. The ingredients can be bought on campus, which of course, is another huge plus.

1-Minute Yogurt to Go


Photo by Karina Rao

Pick your favorite flavor of Greek yogurt (I would have gone with plain and added honey to taste, but it seems that UT thinks no one likes plain flavored), add some fresh fruit like strawberries or blueberries and throw in a handful of granola. Shout out to Kashi Triple Berry.

1 Minute Almond Butter and Banana Sandwich


Photo by Karina Rao

Pretty self explanatory— spread some almond butter on 2 slices of bread (or rice cakes if available) and cut banana slices to layer on top for a healthy, satisfying breakfast.

3 Minute Oatmeal


Photo by Karina Rao

Okay, the truth is I get my oats from an outside source—my lovely sister who has a car and can drive to HEB. But if you do not have a wonderful sister who can bring you all your food desires, then certainly go for the oatmeal packets. If using plain oats, add half a cup of oats, a pinch of salt, a splash of almond milk, and fill the bowl with enough water to just cover the oats. Heat for 2 minutes in the microwave, then mix in honey and cinnamon.

4 Minute Egg McMuffin


Photo by Karina Rao

First, crack two eggs into a bowl, sprinkle with salt and pepper and scramble with a fork. Cook for 2 minutes. Then, add cheese, a ham/turkey/microwavable breakfast patty and the scrambled eggs on top of an untoasted English muffin/bagel/bread. Whatever you like untoasted really, because when you live a dorm, not being allowed to keep a toaster is just another daily struggle.

So the next time you are running late for a morning class and think you have to skip breakfast, or you just want a few more minutes of shut eye, pull out one of these recipes for a sustaining meal that will keep you going through the morning.