Even if you didn’t watch the back to back playoff games, you should know by now that Super Bowl LIII (that’s 53) is an epic showdown of Patriots vs. Rams. New England vs. Los Angeles. East Coast vs. West Coast. If you’re like me, you’re sick of the Pats, and are gonna need some fuel to get you through the big game. The best way to celebrate game day is to throw a killer Super Bowl party with good friends and, of course, good food. The following dishes will make for an unforgettable night. GO RAMS!!!

1. Beer

A go to, if you’re of age, of course, when watching any sporting event. Good old American football and good old American beer. If you’re one of the guys, or one of the girls, beer is a staple for kicking back and enjoying the game.

beer, liquor, shots, Whiskey, alcohol
Sam Jesner

2. Chicken Wings

Think bar food. You’re chilling with your friends drinking beer, watching sports. Wings are easy finger foods that still taste delicious. Whether it’s buffalo, barbeque, honey, or all three, a platter of wings is sure to excite the crowd.

chicken, chicken wings, pork, meat, barbecue, sauce
Emily Head

3. Chips & Dip

This is a classic appetizer for almost any kind of party, but now is your chance to change it up a bit. Make a new dip, something, fun, savory, and different. Try buffalo chicken, or jalapeño queso, but make sure you have bags and bags of chips waiting to refill the plate.

corn, chips
Hannah Summers

4. Nut Mix

Quick and easy snacks that you can grab as you’re walking from kitchen to couch as the game picks up. Everywhere you turn, a bowl of nuts is sitting waiting. There’s always something to eat and it’ll definitely feel like you’re actually in the stadium, watching from the bleachers.

nut, cashew, meat, hazelnut
Kirby Barth

5. Mini Hot Dogs

Another stadium staple, hot dogs scream all American game day. Make them mini to keep the appetizer theme and people will want as many as they can get their hands on. These are my personal favorite, so whoever’s party I attend, you might wanna make a few extra.