The Super Bowl is right around the corner again, and while a lot of people care about the game, they also care about the party. It’s easy to cram a bunch of people into a room and serve them lukewarm burgers and shitty beer, but don’t be that guy. Put a little effort in and serve something special this year.

To make your job a little easier, here’s a list of some cocktails you can serve:

Broncos Orange Crush Cocktail

Super Bowl

Photo courtesy of @creativeculinary on Instagram

True Broncos fans will know all about the Orange Crush defense of the ’70s and ’80s. Bring back the Broncos’ glory days with this fun cocktail featuring the popular soda and send good vibes with a ton of orange and navy color.

Colorado Bulldog

Super Bowl

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No, a bulldog is not a bronco, but Denver is in Colorado and the unofficial cocktail of Colorado is the Colorado Bulldog. According to this article, the name comes from the original mascot of Colorado State University.

Carolina Peach Iced Tea

Super Bowl

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Nothing represents the sweet South better than iced tea, so why not serve this twist on the classic Long Island? Spiked with tons of peachy goodness and some spiced rum, you’ll feel good and tea-riffic when kickoff comes around.

Cherry Bounce

Super Bowl

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Cherry Bounce is the official cocktail of Raleigh, the capital city of North Carolina. Pay tribute to one of the nation’s oldest states with one of the nation’s oldest libations, and pray for a big W as the cherry on top of a fantastic season.

Old Fashioned

Super Bowl

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If you’re a Broncos fan, you probably want to serve something orange, so why not go with an Old Fashioned? It can be hard to keep it classy during a football game, so sip on some bourbon and cheer on your team like a gentleman.

Blue Margarita

Super Bowl

Photo courtesy of @aas_saepuloh on Instagram

If you’re a Panthers fan, on the other hand, you’ll probably want to serve something blue (orange and blue, sensing a theme?). Try this blue margarita, a festive version of the original that’ll do your team’s colors proud.

Bourbon Milk Punch

Super Bowl

Photo courtesy of @seaguz on Instagram

Little known fact: Milk is the official state beverage of North Carolina, so look super knowledgeable and like a super fan by serving something like this bourbon milk punch at your party. It may look like a sissy drink, but with a hefty kick of Maker’s Mark, you’ll be the MVP among your friends.

Jungle Juice

Super Bowl

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Jungle Juice is a great way to serve alcohol to a ton of people for cheap – and if you’re a Panthers fan, it’s particularly apt.

#SpoonTip: Rather than use a nasty old tub, add some class and serve it in a glass bowl, for Chrissake.