As Hurricane Irma approaches the Florida peninsula it's residents are left in a major panic. If you are not evacuating during this state of emergency you need to know how to prepare for a hurricane.There are plenty of steps you and your loved ones can take as well as materials that may help alleviate some of this anxiety come the natural disaster. Knowing what foods to purchase or pack away during an evacuation along with emergency items could save you from a life or death situation.


As most educated individuals can imagine, water is extremely important to store during this state of emergency. Purchasing plenty of water bottles to last you anywhere up to a week should be your number one priority while you prepare for a hurricane. Chances are if your power is out and there are palm trees and debris flying around, you are not going to have access to clean water. Your tap water at home will most likely be affected so it's important to understand that if it's not coming from a plastic bottle, can or glass you should not drink it. This does not mean you should start fighting other locals at your nearest grocery store for this packaged liquid gold. Remember that you are not the only person in the world and there are other people who have families needing to stay hydrated during this time of panic.

Fuel Up

Even if you don't plan on evacuating the area, fill up all of your gas tanks. With natural disasters you never know what could happen within 24 hours and you may need to make the decision to hop in the car and scram.


Canned foods, dried fruit, soup, and grain products are all nutritional items that will last months if not years in case you go without power for a bit (let's pray it is nowhere near that long). Don't get all hangry because you forgot to pack the goods.

Pack a Backpack

Worst case scenario you're out in the streets because your house blew away (it could happen), you need to pack a bag that will get your through a couple days in case rescue personnel has trouble getting to you. To be safe, pack shoes you don't mind walking long distances in, flashlights with batteries, possibly some tape and rope to fashion around something sturdy in case you're caught in a flood.

Don't Forget Your Floaty!

I'm sure you all saw the horrific effects of Hurricane Harvey in Houston this past week. If you did, then I'm positive you saw the residents who stuck through the weather and kicked it on their floaties in the streets. If the weather isn't too devastating but you still have major flooding in your area, break out your giant swan floaties and dive in (this is only suggested if there are no signs of danger, don't be an idiot and get yourself hurt).

Stay Safe

As hurricane season now enters 2017, you should always be prepared. Pack away a hurricane box, bag or container and save it for a stormy day. You can never be too prepared with natural disasters as we never know what can really happen. Board your windows, sandbag your front doors, and welcome Hurricane Irma my friends. It's going to be a windy ride.