It’s been a year since Sandy hit and left many of us homeless and wandering around New York searching for shelter, heat and most importantly, food. While this year we have been lucky enough not to be hit by another hurricane (knock on wood), we at NYU Spoon asked ourselves what one food we would depend on if there was another hurricane or tragic weather situation. Whether it’s Hurricane Sandy part two, the zombie apocalypse or any other end-of-the-world scenario, here’s some of the food that the NYU Spoon staff are stockpiling in their cabinets.

1. Ramen


“If I were in a tragic situation, perhaps a hurricane, zombie apocalypse or just straight up the end of the world, I would most definitely have stockpiles, massive stockpiles of ramen on hand. As long as I could boil water, I would be able to survive. And even if I weren’t able to, I could eat it crunchy and uncooked, seasoning sprinkled on top, the way David Chang does in the first episode on Mind of Chef. That’s some gourmet shit right there.” -Katya Simkhovich, Food-for-Thought Editor

2. Mac and Cheese


“I don’t know about you, but while I was moving from place to place during Hurricane Sandy, I found having boxes of mac and cheese to be very helpful. They’re all light and as long as you can get some water boiling, you’ve got something nice and warm for your tummy. It’s also super versatile, so if you want to change it up feel free to throw in some extra ingredients!”- Mimi Takano, Kitchen 101 Editor

3. Peanut Butter and Jelly


“PB & J: easy, filling and basically my two best friends ” -Skyler Bouchard, Editor-in-Chief

4. Chocolate


“Because I can hardly go a day without it, my obvious choice for an emergency food item is chocolate. Fortunately, last year I was able to leave the city soon after we lost power so I don’t know what living without my one true love for a prolonged amount of time is like. I try to keep a stock of chocolate for emergencies but it keeps mysteriously disappearing…”- Caty Schnack, Recipe Editor

5. Bacon


“I would gladly slap some bacon on any dish that I’m eating. Or just eat it all in one sitting. In any apocalyptic situation, there’s nothing more comforting than a fatty slice of pork.”- Phoebe Tran, Events Editor

While bacon may be a bit unrealistic, we still thought it deserved a spot on our list. Some additions? Bottles of water and probably some bottles of alcohol too. Comment below to let us know what your “must-have” food would be!