Watching The Bachelor is always superficially entertaining, but it's even more fun when you're watching with friends. If you're looking to host a Bachelor viewing party anytime soon, I've got some good ideas that are cheap and easy to execute. If you're looking to really impress your friends, try out some of these rose-shaped recipes next Monday.

1. Take Advantage of Valentine's Day Sales

Even if you're looking for your very own Nick Viall this Valentine's Day, you can still indulge in those cheap boxes of chocolate from your local drugstore. 

The day after Valentine's Day, stop by Walgreen's and grab a few boxes of cheap chocolate. Sure, you can eat them on their own, but mix them in with a hot bowl of microwave popcorn for a really good combination of salty and sweet (M&M's or Sno-caps will also work.) Or if you have a huge sweet tooth, use kettle corn. 

#SpoonTip: With Valentine's Day comes red roses, rose-shaped candy, rose decorations...rose everything. For a true fan, roses are equivocated more with ABC's Bachelor/Bachelorette than the Hallmark holiday. Stock up on cheesy V-Day decorations, like fake rose petals or LED-candles, to make your room look just like the Bachelor Mansion for your BVP (Bachelor Viewing Party).

2. Corinne's Cheese Pasta

Although this recipe may be difficult to make without your own personal Raquel, Corinne was so kind as to release her favorite recipe to Us Weekly

If it still seems too difficult to boil water, cook pasta, and add cheese, microwaveable easy mac will do the trick. Or, you can even cook some ramen noodles, substituting the sodium-filled seasoning packed with shredded cheese (thanks to my roomie Alex for that recipe.)

Really, it's that easy.

3. Customized Contestant Cookies

I found some red and pink cookie icing in the Valentine's Day aisle of Walgreen's. As a fun activity during a commercial break, either buy some pre-made cookie dough, or just buy a box of sugar cookies from a nearby bakery or supermarket, and make some customized cookies with your friends.

Either do your best to draw Nick, create some roses, or write out the names of your favorite contestants (cough cough, Corinne, cough cough). It's a dessert option that's fun to make, easy to enact, and delicious to eat. 

If your cookies don't work out, just eat whipped cream from a can instead. Just as good...just maybe not as sanitary. 

4. Bachelor-Themed Beverages

If you're 21+, The Bachelor now has it's own wine collection if you're a really dedicated fan. If you're not that invested, rosé is already Bachelor-themed on it's own. Or, buy some rose hip liqueur and mix with Prosecco or champagne. 

If you're looking for a non-alcoholic option, combine grapefruit juice, lemonade, and sparkling cider. Add some strawberries or raspberries to your glass and you'll feel like you're in the Bachelor Mansion yourself. 

#SpoonTip: If you really want to get fancy, wet the rim of your glass with water and then dip it in granulated sugar for a sweet coating.

Those were all of my tips to have a cheap Bachelor viewing party every Monday night. Be sure to gather some good friends and stuff your faces. At least you don't have to get dressed up for the rose ceremony and you can stay in your pajamas.

Happy Viall-entine's Day and may the odds be ever in Corinne's favor.