There are a lot of ways to cook corn and not a single one is wrong. Boil the whole cob in water or stick it on the grill. Simply grab a can of corn from the store or switch it up with some popcorn. There's no wrong way, except when you want it done quickly. The microwave is the best way to get around time, giving us quick corn on the cob in minutes. Here's how to cook corn on the cob in the microwave for when you need some corn in your life ASAP.

Step 1: Do not Shuck

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Casey Irwin

Leave the corn in the husk. Shucking the corn means removing the husk, or the green wrap around the corn. Leaving it on will naturally steam the corn more while it's in the microwave. If your corn doesn't have the husk still on it, wrapping the ear of the corn in a moist paper towel can give you a similar effect. 

Step 2: Cut Off the Bottom End

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Casey Irwin

Cutting off the bottom end of the husk, meaning the part without the silk or hair-like parts, will allow for better steaming in the microwave. Cut right above the first row of kernels and place the large part of the cob onto a plate for cooking. 

Some people say to cut this part off after popping the corn in the microwave, but this is easier to do when the corn is room temperature. The other benefit is it provides better ventilation for the corn as it cooks. 

Step 3: Cook

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One or two ears of corn calls for three minutes in the microwave. Three or four ears means adding a minute to that. If you like softer corn like me, add another minute to the respective time allowed for how much corn you have. 

I could not be happier with cooking two cobs for four minutes. It tastes like it has been boiled perfectly, but really the microwave just steams it enough to soften the corn. 

While the timing is pretty fool-proof, one of the best ways to gauge how far along your corn is is to feel the husk. It should get to a point where it's soft to the touch, as the inside is getting softer as well, but not so soft that it's mushy. Like any other method of cooking corn, it will also be very hot to touch when it's done. 

Step 4: Cool and Peel

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Casey Irwin

The corn should need about 30 seconds to cool so that you can handle it comfortably. The husk should slip off without any problem after that. You can either do it piece by piece, kind of like peeling an orange, or go from top-to-bottom like a banana.

Some hair-like pieces of the husk may give you some trouble, but that's inevitable with corn on the cob. You should be able to grab them all from the uncut end to quickly have a ready-to-eat corn on the cob. 

Step 5: Season

Casey Irwin

I like to stick to the classics when it comes to my corn toppings. I'm happy with just some butter, salt, and pepper. For the more adventurous, you can top your corn on the cob with anything from chile lime butter to bell pepper butter. Now that you know how to cook corn on the cob in the microwave, you can try a different combination each time. 

Step 6: Eat Up

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Casey Irwin

Probably the best step of all: eating time. Now is the time to not hesitate as you sink your teeth into the cob, with half of it getting stuck in your teeth anyway. They say hard work pays off, but the easy work does too. Cutting the corn in half helps you pace yourself, but it's time to reap the tasty benefits of corn on the cob from the microwave. 

Grilling and boiling are both great ways to cook corn on the cob, but don't overlook your microwave when you're in a time crunch and just want corn now.