Happy Hanukkah to all of my Jewish friends! It is that time of year where we Jews pretend that Hanukkah is a super important holiday so we can keep up with Christmas. So here are the most important facts and tips to help you throw the most latke-tastic Hanukkah party!

Hanukkah: Is it the most important Jewish holiday?

The answer is actually no. The high holidays, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, are waaaay more important, but Hanukkah is still a fun tradition for Jews of all ages!

Hanukkah is actually about a rather minor battle in Jewish history. This is the typical story where some group (Syrians this time) outlawed the practice of Judaism and trashed the Jewish temple. So... the Jews fought back.

During the battle, the Jews needed to keep their everlasting light burning. Problem: they only had oil for one more night but it would be eight nights until they could get more. Cue the "miracle of Hanukkah" and the oil lasted all eight nights! (Also, the Jews won the battle and could practice freely again so that's cool too.)

Check out this very accurate children's version or this more detailed version to impress your friends. This miracle is something to celebrate. So go light some candles and show your non-Jewish friends how we party. 

Latkes: The potato pancakes that you crave all year.

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Amanda Shulman

Latkes are my personal favorite on Hanukkah because they can be made gluten-free pretty easily (just use gluten-free flour)! I'm a huge fan of the classic potato pancakes, but these guys can be made with sweet potatoes, zucchini, or include other veggies like parsnips.

I'm also pretty traditional and like sour cream or apple sauce on my latkes. Yet, some people like other weird, yet delicious, toppings.

#SpoonTip: Check out this article for some weird and delicious ways to eat latkes.

Donuts: The fried food continues.

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Emmy Daniels

Donuts are a classic treat for hanukkah. This is a holiday about oil so we should have a lot, right? Make classic jelly donuts or try these peanut butter and jelly donuts to mix it up. Or just go to Dunkin'. Your call. 

Dreidel: The gambling game that no one really remembers how to play.

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Posey Memishian

Dreidel is a game of gambling away your chocolate gelt (coins) that your mom overbought. Once you're a big kid, your parents might even let you use real coins (probably nickels). If you don't remember your Hebrew school days, you can just check out this link to the actual rules. Or just make these edible dreidels (featured above) and call it a day. 

Gifts: Eight gifts for eight nights? Only in America. 

Halley Rose Meslin

Hanukkah in America is all about the gifts because the Jewish kids don't want to be sad during the holidays, but hey—I'm not complaining. It is more traditional to just get gelt, but I always seem to get socks. For your party, go get yourself some Hanukkah wrapping paper (or just winter-themed if you don't live in a Jewish area) and give some gifts. I'm a huge fan of edible gifts.  

Have a happy and healthy holiday season!

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Lauren Tucker

Happy Holidays from my family to yours! Enjoy this very 90s picture of us (I'm the baby). Hopefully your Hanukkah party is a little more "lit" than this picture!