Let's be honest, you probably find yourself frantically rushing to Safeway to find the perfect chaser more than you'd like to admit. I would not call hard alcohol the sweet nectars from the Gods. In fact, it is quite the opposite, and without a chaser to go along with it, there is not even a good enough reason to partake in the process. 

However, little do you know, your own cellar at Santa Clara University offers a variety of options that tend to outperform themselves when cutting the bitter taste of alcohol. Use this list the next time you are in dire need of finding a drink quickly.

1. Pickle Juice

vinegar, condiment, gherkin, vegetable, pickle
Sophie Marts

You may have already stopped reading once you saw this first item. But trust me, it is the truly the best option and will surprise you with its tangy flavor, quickly dissolving any taste of alcohol left behind. Any jar of dill pickles will work, but Vlasic has been my top pick so far and has worked the best with Tequila. Since you are already going to have a fun night, you might as well start it off with an adventurous experience. 

2. Odwalla Juice

apple, milk, juice
Sophie Marts

Staying on the track of juices, Odwalla offers a much sweeter, possibly more pleasant taste after consuming alcohol. Mango tango is a flavor that can never go wrong, but there are many other types of fruit to fulfill your needs. With a thick consistency, this juice goes perfectly with any Vodkas. 

3. Green Apples

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Sophie Marts

When it comes to apples, green are better than red in this case. Their sharp, sour taste can soothe your throat after a painful burn from a gulp of hard alcohol. If you are one to stick to drinks when buying chasers, but have little time to run to the store, you can usually find an apple sitting at the bottom shelf of your fridge. Do not be afraid to explore outside of your comfort zone. Green apples pair very nicely with Honey Jack Daniels and darker alcohol. 

4. Pink Lemonade

cider, soda, liquor, alcohol, ice, juice, beer
Sophie Marts

This is definitely a classic when it comes to searching for chasers. However, the cellar offers a sparkling pink lemonade that not only has a sweet flavor that combats the flavors of your alcohol, but is also carbonated to distract your taste buds from the ungodly taste of hard liquor. Keep an eye out for this one, since it may be a specialty product in the cellar. A great substitute is Martinelli's, just in case the lemonade has disappeared from the shelf. With a sip from a bottle of any white liquor, this pink lemonade will always help it go down a littler more smoothly.  

5. Ginger Ale

beer, coffee
Sophie Marts

You can never go wrong with ginger ale. Similar to the pink lemonade, the carbonation helps to spice up any of your drinks. Even better though, the cellar offers 16 packs of these canes to quench your thirst at any moment. Honestly, ginger ale can go well with any drink and is always a preferred chaser if you are not looking to cross the boundaries of trying new things.

Try a new chaser this weekend, you may never want to go back to what you were drinking before.