‘Tis the season for lemonade. As spring is finally here in Michigan, raise a glass of this tasty, sugary and versatile drink. Below are three lemonade options for you to enjoy in the upcoming months, one of which is natural and two of which are processed and more frequently found on supermarket shelves.

Homemade lemonade:
Natural lemonade is an easy and quick beverage to prepare within the comfort of your own kitchen. It contains only 99 calories per serving, and is a relatively healthy choice. Just mix lemons, sugar and water and you’re set. If it were a competition, natural lemonade would win, as it excludes any processed ingredients, and is most accessible to all.
Grade: A

Crystal Light lemonade:
Each packet contains only 5 calories per serving. While Crystal Light is prepared with artificial coloring, its flavor enhancers are natural mineral salts. Overall, Crystal Light is a healthy alternative to more sugary lemonade, soda, alcohol and other beverages that are much higher in calories. Crystal Light comes in a number of lemonade-based flavors: regular, pink, pomegranate and raspberry. Don’t miss out!
Grade: B


Photo by Ben Rosenstock

Minute Maid Lemonade:
Minute Maid Lemonade contains 100 calories per serving. It is made with purely filtered water and lemon juice from concentrate, and contains high amounts of sugar and sodium. In total, Minute Maid contains less than 2% of Vitamin C, whereas Crystal Light contains eight times that amount. It also consists of minimal natural flavors, a downside for authentic lemonade lovers. Even still, it contains zero calories from fat, and is made with real lemons.
Grade: C


Photo by Ben Rosenstock