Every girl looking to stay healthy and in shape must follow Kayla Itsines on Instagram. She is the creator of the "BBG" workouts, and is also one of the most inspiring trainers. She gives anyone a boost to their bad day. Her insta gives off lots of good vibes, but here are 5 specific things you're guaranteed to find if you follow her: 


Granted, Itsines' transformation posts are only those of which were made by people using her workout program. However, these before-and-after pictures give women the hope they need that healthy eating and exercising WILL work when dieting. And, if what you're doing right now isn't working for you, then try Kayla's BBG program; it clearly transforms women's bodies.

Mini Workouts

Itsines posts short workout videos that are usually anywhere between 15 to 60 seconds long. She records herself doing small workouts that can easily be done in your home if you don't have enough time to go to the gym. She really looks out for those who can't afford a gym membership, or a mother who doesn't have a babysitter and can't leave her kids.


Exercise will do nothing if you don't take care of your body when it comes to your diet. Kayla posts healthy meals and snacks and puts all the ingredients in her captions so you can copy the recipe yourself. 


Itsines loves to encourage her followers with inspirational quotes trickled throughout her feed. She knows people need to be mentally, as well as physically, ready in order to lose weight. She believes positivity is a huge step in the process of achieving wellness. 


Ladies, we all have that one thing we don't like about ourselves. Even the girls we idolize on social media have their insecurities. For Kayla, it's her stretch marks. But she makes a point to show that she won't be ashamed of them. She encourages her followers to embrace all aspects of their bodies. With that said, we can change some parts of our body, so Itsines' advice is to take it and run with it (both figuratively and literally).