There is a problem that is quite common in our society, which is to only trust things that you can see.

The Unseen

You could say we have lost faith, especially in the unseen. To explain it better, let's stay away from mental health, and relate it to other topics.

For example, your dreams. One of my best friends has a vision of becoming a doctor. Now, just because she isn't one yet, doesn't mean the drive, and the work is not there. 

Or what about love? Just because there isn't a physical rope between you and your friends doesn't mean you don't have a bond. There are memories and values that tie you together. And those, often, can be a lot stronger than any physical bond (such as distance). 

We are not just bodies

We, as humans, are spiritual creatures. We aren't bodies. We are souls that inhabit bodies. This is important for understanding a lot of what happens in our lives. That's why you get along with some people, and not with others. Because the unseen (their personality, their values, etc) is what counts for a good relationship.

Not that the physical part is not important. It is so important. But so are the mental workings that are going on in a relationship and in one's mental health. 

May was Mental Health Awareness month, and there was a lot of social media posts about one's progress with a mental health issue they have. This is great because awareness and compassion are more things we need in our society. However, I think an important analogy to draw is that "even when I'm not sick, I still go to doctor check ups". That means, that even if you are happy, and everything is going well, you should still take the time to check in with yourself. However, you do that. Maybe for you, it's journaling, reflecting on what you have done (or not done but you want to) these last months. 

Whatever it may be, it's important to build yourself mentally, because we are souls, not just bodies