With the rise of social media nowadays, everyone is always getting to boast about their beautiful Spring Break vacations. Sandy feet on a beach in Cancun, snorkeling in the Caribbean, sipping on a piña colada in the Keys – I've seen it all. So yes, this may lead to FOMO for some us of, or fear of missing out.

Those vacations all sound great, but you can have a great Spring Break without traveling, too! Try out some of these activities over Spring Break and I guarantee you will no longer feel left out.

1. Go to a concert in a nearby city.

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Beatrice Forman

This is probably one of the more expensive activities to partake in if you're not traveling, but if you feel like spending the money, it can be a blast! Or you can go to a more low-key concert, like you would at the House of Blues.

2. Eat at a trendy restaurant.

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Jennifer Lee

No matter where in the world you live, there's always some pretty awesome restaurants to try out. Whether it's one in NYC you've been trying to make time to check out, or a local mom and pop place down the street of your rural neighborhood.

3. Make a nice dinner. 

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Daniel Schuleman

I love to do this when I'm home. I dedicate several hours one day to making a really nice dinner, usually for my parents. Look online for all sorts of entrée recipes and decide on a really nice one to make.

4. Have a paint night with friends.

Katherine O'Malley

It may sound cheesy at first, but it's so much fun and you get great wall décor out of it. I've done this with friends before. I suggest going to Michael's and buying canvases, brushes, and paints there. 

5. Have a photoshoot with friends.


Zorah Olivia on Flickr

Spring break is known for great weather. Whether you're up north and there's fresh snow on the ground or you're farther south and it's sunny and warm, it's a great time for a photoshoot. Take out a friend to a pretty spot and go crazy.

6. Go to a zoo/aquarium/museum.

Photo by Scott Webb | Unsplash

scottwebb on unsplash

If you have one around you, check out a zoo or aquarium. Who doesn't love looking at and taking photos with animals? Or you can go to a museum nearby. Be a tourist for a day, even if in a minimal way.

7. Shop 'til you drop.

Photo by Heidi Sandstrom. | Unsplash

heidisandstrom on unsplash

Okay, maybe not 'til you drop, especially if you're not traveling to avoid costs. Go to some outlets nearby and buy discounted clothing. Spring break is a perfect time for cleaning out all those clothes you haven't touched in years and replacing them with fresh clothes that you'll be super excited to wear.

8. Skate on a lake or cross-country ski.

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Erin O'Neill

Although it's starting to get a bit warmer, it's still pretty cold up north. Try skating on a nearby lake (make sure it's solid enough, of course) or cross-country skiing. If you don't have skis or skates, go to your nearest recreation center and skate there.

9. Read a new book.

Photo by Samilla Maioli | Unsplash

s0777 on unsplash

Depending on the type of person you are, this might sound super exciting or extremely boring. But if you're a big reader, find a new book (or three) to read and use your free time to finish it.

After doing a couple of these things at home, you will have had a refreshing, successful, and adventurous Spring Break without even having travelled. Plus, when everyone asks you what you did over spring break, you may not be able to brag that you went to Cancun, but you'll definitely have lots of other things to say you did.