I'd be lying if I told you I had it all figured out; I have nothing figured out. Every time I think I "got it", life shows me all the reasons and ways I don't, but I do have experience. Five final exam seasons under my belt, going on my sixth, and I've honestly never felt so relaxed about it. I can tell my campus's vibe has turned a complete 180, as the library gets more packed and the green gets less vibrant, but I've committed to myself that I won't be a victim. And neither should you.

If you understandably don't have time to read the rest of this article, here's my best advice – you are you forever, this one class/project/exam will not matter six years from now, but you, my friend, will. Take it easy for your own sake.

Now, if you're looking for ways to procrastinate the grind, there's no way that's more productive than reading about how to make these finals your b....

1. Sleep.  

Don't get me started on the classic grind knows no sleep mantra everyone has printed on their degree. I sleep an average of four to five hours a night, and I know people that do way less than that. We all walk around wearing this badge of not having slept as an honor, but in reality, we are just harming ourselves. Try forcing yourself to put down the books and pick up the z's. 

Also, everyone loves a good scientific fact: lack of sleep impairs a person's ability to focus and learn efficiently. Sleep is actually necessary to create memories that can be recalled in the future (or on an exam). So sleeping really is just as helpful as studying, right?

2. Eat brain foods.

I know eating healthy probably is the last thing on everyone's mind right now. I know the healthiest option at my school's student center is Subway, but it's too hard to choose that when your heart is distracted by the smells of pretzels, orange chicken, and CFA. The best idea is to avoid food courts as much as possible by packing your way to a 4.0. Try throwing together a leafy green salad with avocado, blueberries, and nuts. Or meal prep some fatty fish to get those omega-3 fatty acids (which can lead to higher levels of cognitive function and brain health). Also, can't go wrong with some snacks, not from the vending machine, because studying is not fun, especially when you're hungry.

3. Go outside.

It can be as simple as going outside and getting some fresh air. I know when my mom would see high school me stressing, she'd always tell me to go for a walk and get some vitamin D, and moms are always right. There are actually so many benefits to breathing in nature, such as boosting your immune system, calming down any anxieties, fueling you with energy, and improving brain health. The outdoors won't solve all your problems (obviously), but you should definitely consider walking to a local coffee shop to study for your final exams or just taking a study break by laying in a hammock. If anything, it's worth a shot.

4. Don't stop creating.

You can't help when inspiration strikes. When the creative juices are flowing, don't stop them short. Write your heart out, scribble all over your notebook, do the things you do to keep yourself sane. I've realized every time I get an idea for anything from fun break plans to cool writing concepts, I struggle going back to focusing on my original task because of how excited I am about this new thing. It's better to just let your mind run its course and trust you'll get back to the main event soon enough with a clearer mind.

5. Let out your emotions.

You know when you've spent three hours on the same calculus problem or you're stuck looking at your not compiling code (story of my life), and this energy and stress just builds up in your chest that makes you want to just scream? Well, let me be the first person to tell you – do it – scream, cry, listen to your body. I have gone as far as dragging a beanbag from my library's nap room into a stairwell just to spend five to ten minutes kicking it. No one will judge you, I promise. 

6. Study with your peeps.

Team work makes the dream work. And seeing your pals work hard will only motivate you to do the same. Whether you're all preparing for the same exam or you're all just there for each other's moral support, the grind will be a lot more enjoyable when you're not going through it alone. You'll also be less likely to accidentally go through your phone for hours.

7. Let yourself be.

Final exams are a stressful time, no one can argue that, but you can decide to come out of it bigger and better than you started. Don't be too hard on yourself because there's enough negativity out there around you. Be the light in someone else's day, and that'll in turn help you be the light in your own. 

Final exam season comes every semester, so might as well not complicate it. Just remember, you're not alone in the stress, and at the end of the tunnel is a break. If you, however, are concerned for a friend or for yourself, turn to your school's counseling center for help! Study hard, and may the curve be ever in your favor.