"How many calories are in this quinoa salad, Sam?"

"And what about in that bowl of mashed potatoes over there?"

"Does kale really have negative calories?"

"OMG, I cannot eat this. I'm going to go over my maximum calorie-intake for the day. I calculated it online."

If my Bulgarian grandma, a woman who thinks a stew without half a bottle of oil in it isn’t real food, knew in what a calorie-obsessed society we live now, she would get at least a minor heart attack.

I don't know about you, but every time I watch talkshows, I get the feeling that they dedicate most of the time to calories: how to count them, how much should we get per day, how should we reduce them, etc.

Recently, I heard one of the most bizarre sentences in life ever said on TV. It was something like: if we eat 100 calories over our permitted calorie-intake (which, by the way, is calculated by super "intricate" online software, that cares only about your height and weight, but not about what this weight is composed of–muscle or pure fat–or what your lifestyle is like), you will slowly be gaining weight.

 I will not bore you with facts about calories, which fyi mean the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of…OK, OK, never mind.

So, we, as young, full-time social media addicts, know what calories are, why we need them, and where could we find them (according to most articles and YouTube health channels, they seem to be everywhere–even in the air you’re breathing right now).

I won’t play it all smartass-y and put excerpts of research papers done on this topic. However, with clear examples, fewer words, and more pictures, I will prove to you why one of the most obscene words of the 21st century, "calories," actually doesn't have to be so scary for people who just want to stay healthy, as well as mentally and physically strong.

Are you ready for this life-changing journey? Delete your calorie counter app, and start scrolling down. We will start with something simple that will not confuse you nor make you count tablespoons, pieces of a particular food, or, I don’t know, cups of something. 

Who likes avocados?

My dream is to be able to eat them all day long without feeling as if I have swallowed a whole ice cream bus (my life goals are pathetic, I know. Anyways. So where were we? Oh, yes, avocados! Great!). So delicious and creamy, with their healthy fatty acids, nonexistent trans fats, and digestion enzymes. Oh, and extra guac is always a must!

All of us when we order extra guac at Chipotle:

However, did you know that this delicious creation of the universe has 320 calories?! I knooow! How could something so delicious and beautiful be so evil at the same time?

Ok, now imagine a cheeseburger from McDonald’s. Mmm, also super delicious, but totally bad for you, right? Oh McDonald’s, with your artificial buns, fake and fatty meat and plastic cheese. You will be surprised to know that in one McDonald's cheeseburger, there are only 294 calories

I know, you feel like your life is falling apart, and everything has been one big fat lie. But this is in the numbers–a single avocado is more calorie-rich than a cheeseburger! From McDonald’s! 

Now, since I managed to put on fire everything you've previously believed in, let me show you some other awesome misconceptions for the crazy world we live in:

1. Raw Cashew Nuts v M&Ms 

Nona Bankova

2. Dried Dates v French Fries

Nona Bankova

You got a little anxiety out there? Good. Let's continue.

3. Tahini v Mayo 

Nona Bankova

Stop freaking out, and check the next example.

4. Chia Pudding v McDonald's Vanilla Cone

Nona Bankova

Stressed already?

5. Healthy Organic Rye Bread v Pita Bread

Nona Bankova

If you want to lose weight, the amount of calories you eat a day obviously plays a big role. However, if you simply want to maintain your weight; to get healthier and stronger, more concentrated; to clean up your skin; strengthen your hair and teeth, a diet consisting of healthy foods, such as nuts, chia, hummus, quinoa, avocado, veggies, and different meats and dairy products will definitely help you.

Stop paying attention to how many calories your food consists of, and start noticing its real nutritional value–the way it makes you feel. Healthy food is supposed to make you more energetic, focused and strong.

If you haven't already, please delete your Calorie Counter, FatSecret, or other app for counting your calories, and just start reading the nutrition facts on the packaging, begin cooking at home, and just concentrate on eating real food.

And, because I probably ruined your day, here is a gif of Tom Hiddleston.