Two people walk into a...Grocery store and pick up a snack. One chooses the classic honeycrisp apple (containing around 105 calories), and the other a 100 calorie pack of pretzels. Who wins: good ol’ carbs or a fruit that helped Newton create the Universal Gravitational State? 

Hopefully, the answers seems to fall right on your head.

Although Eve made the wrong choice when she chose the apple, it doesn’t mean that it is universally the wrong decision.

Steve Jobs chose Apple.

A lot of people in our generation, myself included, are losing sight of being healthy and primarily focus on calories. Why do people focus on calories? Many see counting calories as a way to watch your weight and while I agree that eating should be controlled, what we eat should should not be dictated by its calorie label. (LABELS ARE NOT ALWAYS EVERYTHING.)

Why do we diet?

So, if we count calories because we are on a diet, why do we diet? Does our generation diet to lose weight or to chose food that allows us to live the life we want?

Shouldn’t we pick the food that gives us energy, clears our acne, lets us lose weight, and live disease-free lives? To not feel tired, and bloated, but to try and feel like every girl on a tampon commercial. To live the life that we want.

What should we eat?

We try to compare the amount of calories in a mass-produced, nutrition deprived food to something that was grown on the earth we live on. If our bodies are able to develop and grow naturally, shouldn’t we trust food that grows the same way we do? I’m not saying only buy organic (because who can afford that), but pay attention to the nutritional value and health value of food, not its calories.

If you do want to lose weight, then that means you need to become a person who is sincerely wanting to live healthier. Otherwise you will lose those five pounds and then gain all them right back. Becoming healthy is a process, not a check list.

So, for the love of mother earth and all the food she provides: do not judge food by its calories.