Chia seeds are one of the most popular superfoods on the market right now, but I was always under the impression that they're an add-on to meals like oatmeal or toast. However, Health Warrior definitely proves this wrong, by making chia seeds the main ingredient of their products.

A Little About Health Warrior

The company's philosophy is built around the idea of fueling your body with high-quality ingredients, so you won't be finding any preservatives or artificial junk in these bars. Everything has 10 ingredients or fewer, making for a clean snack that consists of superfoods.

Chia seeds serve as the base, but Health Warrior also uses pumpkin seeds, almonds, and, my personal favorite, dark chocolate. Health Warrior has everything from protein bars to chia seed bars, and here's what I thought about them.

Honey Almond Superfood Protein Bar

The Honey Almond Protein Bar was the first Health Warrior product I tried out, and it was a solid introduction to the company. With a whopping 11 grams of plant-based protein, this bar is extremely filling and nutritious. Plus, the addition of honey adds the perfect amount of sweetness. 

Mint Chocolate Superfood Protein Bar

If your favorite Girl Scouts cookies are Thin Mints, this is the bar for you. The mint flavor is more subdued than those cult-favorite cookies, but the richness of the cocoa certainly makes up for it. 

Peanut Butter Cacao Superfood Protein Bar

Chocolate and peanut butter is the ultimate flavor combination, let's be honest. I appreciated how Health Warrior combined the two greatest foods in existence, but I just wish the peanut butter flavor was stronger. However, if you're someone that likes a stronger chocolate flavor than peanut butter, this bar is for you. 

Dark Chocolate Coconut with Sea Salt Superfood Protein Bar

This bar took me by a surprise. I'm not a huge fan of coconut, but the little flecks of coconut in the bars added a great textural component to the bar. Out of the protein bars I tried, this is the one to buy the next time you're looking for a clean energy bar.

Vanilla Almond Chia Seed Bar

Feeling peckish or do you just need a little sweet something after dinner? Heath Warrior has pocket-sized bars that come in a variety of flavors. The Vanilla Almond Chia Bar was the one I was most excited to try, and it didn't let me down. The hint of vanilla does wonders, and paired with the crunchy almonds, it makes for the perfect treat.

Coconut Chia Seed Bar

For those craving a simple, straightforward bite, I suggest trying out the Coconut Chia Bar. It's a chewy bar packed with tons of coconut flavor that'll transport you to a tropical getaway during cold, winter days.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Chia Seed Bar

The best flavor out of the bunch, the Chocolate Peanut Butter Chia Seed bar is packed with peanut butter flavor, unlike the protein bar. I'm guessing it's because the chia bars don't contain plant protein, so the peanut butter shines through, but in any case, you'll be nuts about this flavor. 

Banana Nut Chia Seed Bar

One of the many dishes that I miss from home is banana bread. There's something so comforting and satisfying about biting into a warm slice packed with nuts and chocolate chips. Though Health Warrior's bar doesn't contain chocolate and isn't warm, it's got that strong banana flavor and crunch from almonds and cashews, so it comes pretty darn close.

Dark Chocolate Chia Seed Bar

For a snack that will never fail you, grab the Dark Chocolate Chia Bar. It's got a rich, deep chocolate flavor that isn't too sweet, so you won't suffer from a sugar crash after eating it. Who isn't in the mood for some chocolate?

Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Bar

It's still technically fall, so I had to save the most festive products for last: the pumpkin seed bars. I don't like pumpkin spice foods (before you absolutely demolish me, here's my defense), but I ended up loving these bars, especially with the dark chocolate flavor. The addition of the pumpkin seeds were a great add-on, and its slightly salty flavor highlighted the natural sweetness of the chocolate.

Cinnamon Spice Pumpkin Seed Bar

I think we can agree on one thing: Cinnamon is the best spice. It's versatile and has tons of health benefits. This bar is not for the faint-hearted: The cinnamon flavor is prominent, which I personally love. It fills you with warmth and tons of nutrients like fiber and magnesium, making for a hearty snack.

Honey Cracked Pepper with Turmeric Pumpkin Seed Bar

For my adventurous foodies out there, I saved the most wacky flavor for last. Never would I think to add cracked pepper or turmeric in a snack bar, but, surprisingly, it works. It's spicy and savory, and the honey keeps it from being too overpowering. If you feel like stepping outside your comfort zone, try these bars.

What I love most about Health Warrior is the message behind the company and how clearly its philosophy translates to its products. All the bars I've tried are made of minimal ingredients and taste so natural. The next time you're looking for a healthy, portable snack, look no further than Health Warrior.