If I learned anything in Anatomy & Physiology class, it's the importance of physical activity for the well-being of your body. Making time for exercise is so easy, yet it's a frequent struggle of mine (and if I'm honest, it's usually not one that I win). Although there are many ways to exercise in Antigonish, finding the motivation to use them can be hard.

When you enjoy the physical activity that you do, it makes putting on your runners and getting out the door a little easier. In small towns like Antigonish it may seem like there isn't much to choose from and it can be hard to find the type of physical activity that you enjoy, but if you take a closer look you may find more options than you realized.

Xavier Taekwondo Club

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Photo courtesy of Xavier Taekwondo Club

Xavier Taekwondo Club is one of the only places in the area that offers regular Taekwondo classes taught by professionals. It's a great place to learn Taekwondo, improve cardio, and improve flexibility. Don't let intimidation stop you from trying this one; you don't need to be a pro at martial arts being attending classes, in fact, you don't need any training at all. 

Asana Yoga & Massage

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Photo courtesy of Asana Yoga & Massage

Located just on Main Street, Asana Yoga offers a variety of classes. They have yoga for beginners, hot yoga, therapy yoga, and other specialty classes. Though some may say yoga is basic, most say that it offers many health benefits

 The Oland Centre

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Photo courtesy of St. FX Athletics

The Oland centre is definitely the most popular option among students, partly because we pay for it in our tuition, but mainly because it offers so many different programs. Though you may run the risk of your prof seeing you dripping with sweat, the OC has a gym, swimming lanes, a walking track, squash courts, and regular classes for things like dance, aerobics, yoga, and Aquasize. 

The Landing

Laura MacAulay

For those who like exercising outdoors or for those who are less physically coordinated like myself, running or walking at the Landing is a perfect option, even if it's slightly seasonal. The Landing is beautiful all year round, but occasionally it is too icy for running and you may need to hit the treadmill instead. 

#SpoonTip: to find this beautiful path, take an immediate right once you cross the train tracks by the hospital. 

Mackay's Mixed Athletics

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Photo courtesy of Mackay's Mixed Athletics

Mackay's Mixed Athletics is one of the only places that offers kickboxing and Ju Jitsu within the Antigonish area. They hold regular non-contact cardio kickboxing classes and they also have adult and youth Brazilian Ju Jitsu classes. These classes are pretty specialized and they may sound scary, but you could discover a kick-butt side of yourself that you never knew existed. 

Goodlife Fitness 

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If you're more of the gym workout type but want to escape campus, GoodLife Fitness may be the place for you. Though it's a more expensive option, you do run less risk of running into people you know here. GoodLife offers tons of cool fitness classes like cardio, strength training, as well as mind and body classes, so the membership is well worth it. 

Walking to Class

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Laura MacAulay

Although exercise should be a part of our daily lives, sometimes things get so busy that exercise just takes the back burner for a little while, and that's okay. During times like these, taking the long way on your walk to class or taking short walks as study breaks may be the best you can do, but at least it's something. 

Varsity sports, club sports, and intramurals are a great option for students at X, but they may not be practical for everyone. If you're still searching for a form of physical activity that you like, try some of the physical activity options that Antigonish has to offer.