Romantic movies, TV shows and love songs all depict fairytale love stories, detailing how two hearts fall in love then achieve a happy ending. Meanwhile, dating sites are flooded daily with new sign-ups hoping to find their soul mates. I believe people possess an innate need to love and to be loved, which is what makes love such a popular topic in the media. But why does society focus so much on dating other people yet never focus on "dating" ourselves to discover what we like, how to take care of ourselves and how to reflect and rejuvenate?

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Madison Mounty

Dating myself is something I practice whether or not I am in a relationship, and taking myself on me-time dates is truly one of the best practices I have ever adopted. I simply spend time alone doing what makes me happy

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Julia Gilman


Spending alone time allows me to reflect on all of the events, news and interactions I encounter daily. It enables me to check in with myself to see how I am feeling emotionally and physically, to think without distractions and to do what I love without sacrificing my own preferences for anyone else.

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Shelby Cohron

Ways to Take Yourself on a Date 

1. Yoga

Taking a  yoga class is a great date by yourself for beginners because you won't feel alone while surrounded by a room of other yogis, yet you don't interact with those around you, so you can still self-reflect as you move from pose to pose. 

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Amber Wolf

2. Coffee and Matcha Lattes

Almond milk lattes are my jam. I love to find new coffee and tea shops on Instagram and then visit them! Going by myself allows me to better observe the scenery of the shop and truly focus on the flavor of my yummy drink. 

3. Farmers' Markets

The farmers' market is my happy place. Find your happy place and keep going back! I love strolling through the farmers' market, trying the seasonal produce, and shopping for healthy food. When I go by myself, I can engage the farmers in conversations to learn more about the food they grow and spend as much time as I want at each booth.  

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Sam Jesner

4. DIY

Finding a craft or recipe I want to make on Pinterest and actually making it is one of my favorite feelings. I always find creative ideas on Pinterest, but I rarely am able to actually make them given my limited amount of free time as a busy college student. Make cookies you've always wanted to try (without having to worry if your friends will like the flavor), or try this coffee sugar scrub recipe I created and absolutely love for pampering myself!

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Christine Pritula

5. Walk

Walking seems like such a simple suggestion, but if you ever want to take yourself on a date but don't know what to do, just put on a comfortable pair of shoes and walk. It doesn't matter where you go; what matters is that you spend time investing in yourself. 

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Denise Uy

6. Try a New Restaurant

Is there a restaurant you've always wanted to try, but your friends don't love that style of food? Try it! Don't let other people's opinions stop you from trying things that interest or excite you. A date with yourself is the perfect time to try something new, and then you'll have a story to tell your friends the next time you hang out.

Alice Liu

Being alone gives me a heightened sense of awareness of both myself and the world around me. I consider myself a combination of both introvert and extrovert, so I think this habit will work for everyone. Don't be afraid to start with shorter dates by yourself; being alone and being entirely comfortable in it might not feel natural to you at first, and that's okay. The more time you spend taking care of and loving yourself through these personal dates, the more you'll feel the value of this type of recharging and understand how self-love helps you feel confident in all areas of your life. 

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Nancy Chen