There's nothing I'd rather do than curl up in my bed and watch Mark Cuban make investments on Shark Tank. One particular episode led to my favorite shark investing in Chapul, a cricket-based protein company. Instantly, I became fascinated about its mission to provide a sustainable source of protein. Did it taste good? What was all the hype about?

Well, I'm here to tell you all about it.

About Chapul

Back in 2012, Pat Crowley founded Chapul with the fragility of our freshwater system in mind. Currently, the majority of our water supply goes to livestock production, and at its current rate, we will soon be in a risky situation. 

Insects, according the Pat, are the answer. Low-maintenance and higher-yielding, these little guys are an excellent source of protein. While other parts of the world consume insects regularly, Chapul aims to bring this source of protein to the American food industry.

Chapul currently sells cricket bars and protein powders in an array of creative flavors like matcha, peanut butter, and chocolate. I tried all of them, and here's what I thought.

Chocolate Protein Powder 

As someone who works out frequently but struggles to get her protein in, I wanted to find a protein supplement that's both tasty and easy for my busy schedule. Chapul checks both of these boxes. 

Available in single-serving packets, these guys hold 10 grams of protein per serving. That's twice the protein than beef, and it leaves out all that nasty, artificial flavor. Mixed in almond milk, the chocolate protein powder tastes just like chocolate milk. You can't even tell that there are little critters in the powder. Honestly, it's one of the tastiest protein powders I've tasted. 

Vanilla Protein Powder

Looking for a good, simple base to make post-workout smoothies or drinks? Chapul's vanilla protein powder is where it's at. The vanilla flavor is subtle yet detectable, adding a sweet hint that'll complement virtually any flavor. I like blending mine with peanut butter and a banana for a drink with equal parts nostalgic and nutritious. 

Matcha Green Tea & Banana Bar

Along with protein powders, Chapul offers protein bars that are perfect for those dreaded morning classes. The one I was most excited to try out was the Matcha Bar because I am a matcha fanatic.

This bar certainly met my high expectations. The bitter, earthy matcha is paired with a sweet, strong banana flavor to make for a balanced bite. If you love your matcha lattes from Starbucks (no judgment, because same), definitely give this flavor a try.

Coconut & Ginger with Lime Bar

For all my adventurous foodies, I've got a bar just for you. Coconut, ginger and lime all feature individually strong tastes, but pair them together for a flavor explosion. When you first bite into the Thai Bar, you're hit with the tangy lime that mingles with the creamy coconut flavor. At the very end, you'll get a taste of the spice from the ginger

Aztec: Dark Chocolate, Coffee, & Cayenne Bar

Chocolate is great, but every once in a while, you need to spice it up a bit. What better way to do so than with a touch of cayenne? The Aztec Bar has a rich chocolate and espresso flavor, and the spice from the cayenne heightens your senses. It's like a Mexican hot chocolate, but elevated.

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Bar

I saved the best for last. Peanut butter and chocolate is the best flavor combination, hands down. Not only is the bar packed with that addictive peanut butter and chocolate flavor, but it's got little cacao nibs to really satisfy that chocolate craving. If Reese's are your go-to candy, this bar will be your best friend.

Chapul is more than just a protein company, and it's more than just a quirky twist on nutrition. It's a passion-driven project started by one person in an attempt to save the environment. Since then, it's grown into a super successful, national brand. Be a part of the movement towards sustainable living and wellness by trying out Chapul today.