To the guys who stare at women in the gym, stop.

On behalf of all women, we do not want your eyes following our every move. We are just here to workout, not be your piece of eye candy. 

Women do not want to be stared at. No one wants to be stared at. The gym should be a place where we can work out and not have to think about if some guy is staring at you while you do squats. Let us do our workouts in peace. 

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Carolyne Su

Why do you think what you're doing is okay? Who gives you the right to stare at women's bodies? It makes women uncomfortable. We have to deal with creeps all the time whether it be someone cat calling us on the street, telling us to smile, or being nervous to go to parties alone. But the gym should be a place where we shouldn't have to wonder if someone is going to be staring at us for our entire workout.

Please let the gym be a place where we don't have to think about what we wear. Is that really so hard to do? I don't want to have to worry about whether my leggings are "distracting" you or if my tank top shows of my chest 'cause lord knows it shouldn't matter.

Rebecca Block

I want to be able to do my workout in peace. I am here for me, not for your viewing pleasure. How about we make a deal? I will focus on me and you will focus on you.

And if we catch you staring, that means stop. You shouldn't have even done in it in the first place. So learn from your mistake and stop staring. That does not mean try to do it in a more sly way, cause we notice it the entire time. Just respectfully stop the staring and let us all go back to working out. 

So moral of the story is STOP STARING AT WOMEN.

When we are in the gym we are here for ourselves, we are not here for you. Stop the staring regardless of if you are in the gym or anywhere else. The next time you see a an attractive woman at the gym, maybe consider introducing yourself, but stop the staring because Time's Up.