Going to the gym can be intimidating, especially if you haven't been in a while or are trying a new workout. The best way to overcome the fear and get back in the workout swing is to go with someone. I go to the gym four times a week, and three of those times are with my boyfriend. It's fun and it makes a crazy difference in my workout habits.

1. It is Less Scary to go With Someone

Not knowing what to do with machines or with free weights, or even just walking in the gym alone can be intimidating. But by going with a friend or partner, it makes everything much more comfortable. Maybe they know what all the machines are, or they are just as lost as you. But either way, it makes the gym seem less scary. 

2. You Have Someone to Keep You Accountable

We all have days where getting out of bed to workout seems impossible. But when you know you made a promise to a friend to be at the gym, you do not want to let them down. It has that extra motivation to not let your friend down, and they push you to commit to your workout goals.

3. You Have Someone To Talk To

When I work out alone, I am tuned out and probably watching Friends on Netflix while I am on the elliptical. But when I work out with someone, I have someone to talk with. Those between set breaks are filled with talking and joking around. And having someone to complain to when something is hard makes everything better.

4. You Have Someone to Motivate You

Just like your workout buddy keeping you accountable, they can really motivate you. If you want to make this next month harder than your usual work out, you have someone to help you accomplish that. You are with someone every step of the way cheering you on so you can reach your goals. And you do the same for them. 

5. You Can Try New Workouts Together

If you wanted to try that new spin class but were too nervous to do it alone, you now have your workout buddy to go with you. You can try all the classes or new workouts with someone on your side cheering you on. Who cares if you haven't done yoga or swimming in years when you have a friend doing it with you?

Working out can be scary or not very fun, but when you go with a friend it alleviates all of that. You have someone who can motivate you when all you wanted to do was binge watch Netflix, or make you laugh even after a really tough set. So next time you are going to hit up the gym grab a friend and kill your work out.