Located in downtown Richmond, this small cycle studio is a great place to go if you need to take a break from the same boring routine at the gym. It has awesome music, fun instructors and challenging workouts. 

I've always wanted to try this studio out since I am a huge Soul Cycle and Fly Wheel fan. So since they don't have any studios in the Richmond area I thought I'd give this one a try. 


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Sophie Pilkington

Boho has 14 instructors and is located right off of Monument Ave. The classes range from 30 to 50 minutes, including various themed classes like Hip-Hop Fridays. It's easy to park, easy to clip in and before you know it you're drenched in sweat and filled with endorphins

The Class:

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Sophie Pilkington

So far I've taken Boho-Body, a 50-minute class that focuses on cardio while incorporating a weight lifting section towards the end. 

I've also hit up Boho HIIT, a 30-minute class that is all about high intensity interval training. So it's basically all cycling but to your maximum potential, hence why it is a shorter class. 

If you're looking for just a regular 50-minute sweat sesh, then Boho Cycle is the right class for you. It doesn't include any weight training, perfect for those looking to simply get some cardio into their day. 

Final Tips:

If you're looking to try it out, you're first class is FREE. I'm not joking when I say this since I know a lot of other studios advertise their first classes like this and in the end you still end up paying for some sort of fee.

Lastly, Boho offers private rides for you and a group of friends as well as charity rides for organizations. So give it a chance and decide for yourself if this cycle studio is worth the sweat

#Spoon Tip: Stick around of at the end of your class because the instructor hands out cold towels which makes the end of class even more rewarding