Ever since pilates became a trend, everyone started doing it. And I do mean everyone—there is not a single celebrity or trainer that doesn't recommend doing pilates along other workouts. So, as the trend continues to gain popularity, it's no surprise that more and more pilates workout videos start to pop up.

In order to help you know which are the best videos (and to keep you away from hurting yourself or misinterpreting an exercise), here is a list of some fantastic pilates workout videos. Best part? They are all available for free on Youtube. 

Jennifer Kries' Videos

Even though Kries' workouts are available as DVDs, she also has a youtube channel where she posts a lot of workout routines and pilates exercises. She's known for not only showing the proper way to workout, but also the wrong way, making her videos perfect for beginners. 

Stott Pilates' Videos

These videos are not only great for beginners, but they're also good for anyone who is beginning to get the hang of pilates and it's moves.

Their move advanced videos incorporate the usage of weights and other equipments, so these might be the kinds of videos you bring to a gym on an iPad. But they also have others you can do in your dorm with only using a mat. 

Mari Winsor's Videos

Lucky for you, Mari Winsor has full 20 minutes pilates workout available for free. So, if you're looking to seriously sculpt your body and get a little more knowledge of what pilates looks like, these videos will help you. 


Cassey Ho's workouts are some of my favorites; they're all super easy to follow and give amazing results. One of the best parts of Blogilates is that it has different playlists based on what results you're looking for. 

Ranging from abs and butt workouts to pilates interval training and a toning bootcamp, Blogilates really has it all. In fact, they even have apartment friendly series that's perfect for all of us who wish we could have more space. 

POPSUGAR Fitness' Videos

Since their videos are not uniquely about Pilates, this is the best alternative if you want to do some modifications to your pilates routine or if you want to compliment it with some other workout. They give a fun twist to the classic use of reformers and mats, making their videos really something you just have to watch.

Personally, I recommend taking at least a few classes before using these videos so you can be sure you know how to do the moves and to prevent any injuries. However, once a professional gives you a advice and tips after a class, these videos are going to be lifesavers to your workout routine. 

All of these pilates workout videos are fit to the needs of any level of expertise and range from the most traditional to the most reformed way of pilates. So just try a few and see which best fit your routine and lifestyle.