At this point, we've gotten bored of the gym. We've tried barre classes, HIIT, and maybe the occasional pilates session. Yet we wonder: are other workout classes out there to add some more variety to our lives? In LA, at least, the answer is yes. LA is full of random, intriguing, sometimes weird studios. After squatting, rowing, and lifting through a bunch of them, I've concluded that only a handful were really worth trying. Here they are... 

Rise Nation  

The Workout: Climbing 

Rise Nation is set up like a spin class, but instead of bikes, there are climbing machines. I was super intimidated the first time I went, but the machine is easy to get a hang of and all the instructors are helpful before and during class.

AIR Aerial Fitness

The Workout: Stretching and Exercises on Aerial Ribbons

The bright, flexible ribbons hanging from the ceiling make a shockingly useful prop for workouts. During the class you'll do variations on classic yoga poses, some strength-building exercises, and a few hanging variations that make for an amazing photo-op.   


The Workout: Bootcamp on a Vibrating Plate 

I never thought a 27-minute class could make me sweat so much, but working out on a PowerPlate is on another level. The vibrating plate contracts your muscles just by standing on it, so you burn more calories with each squat, crunch, and jump. 

Low Impact Training (LIT) Method

The Workout: Rowing, TRX, and Mat Exercise Interval Training

Lit Method is home to my favorite workout class in LA. Half the class in on the rower, while the other half is on the mat using TRX bands. The class makes me sore every time, but is great for all levels. The dimly lit room and loud music create the perfect vibe for a perfect workout. 

BeSpun Pole Dance

The Workout: Pole Dancing (yes, it's a workout)

It's hard to believe how much arm and ab strength it takes to pole dance. Introductory classes at BeSpun are fun and challenging. Students are placed in groups at each pole, which makes it much less intimidating. 

Yoga Sculpt

The Workout: Heated Yoga with Weights and Cardio 

Hot yoga has been around for a while, but Yoga Sculpt is a new class a lot of studios, such as Aura, Corepower, and Playlist, have been offering lately. Imagine the same vinyasa and salutations you're used to, but throw in a couple light weights, squats, planks, and a killer ab series. 

Grab your workout buddy and sign up for a class ASAP. A few of the studios, such as AIR, Aura, and Rise Nation offer promotions for newcomers, and all of the studios are on ClassPass for after you've gotten hooked on these alternative workouts. Happy sweating!