If you’ve already ditched your New Year’s resolution to lose 10 pounds or get to the gym at least 3 times per week, you might want to reconsider, because there’s a new fitness craze in town that’s sure to get you off (and keep you off) the couch – indoor ROWING.

They say the key to sticking to a fitness routine is to actually ENJOY your workout, right? Why try to force yourself to run a 5k when the thought of hitting the pavement makes you cringe? Why spin your wheels through a cycle class when all you can think about is the brunch you’re going to devour afterwards? There’s no need for that kind of torture.

The rise of boutique fitness studios has made it easier than ever for exercise junkies and skeptics alike to discover workouts that appeal to them personally. But, with so many options, narrowing it down to one or two studios for the ever-so-coveted monthly-unlimited package can be more daunting than your accounting final. 

Rowing, which has long been recognized by serious athletes as one of the most effective forms of full-body exercise (hello Harvard rowing team), is the hottest new workout to hit the boutique fitness scene. Studios such as Row House in New York City are leading the pack (or should we say crew), bringing the beloved water sport indoors and encouraging people of all fitness levels to get on board. Here’s a list of five reasons you should start indoor rowing ASAP.

1. Rowing is a full-body workout

Talk about efficient. In addition to sweating out yesterday’s happy hour and burning tons of calories with a killer cardio session, rowing tones ALL of your muscles — abs, legs, arms, back, butt, etc. Hello long and lean bod.

2. Anyone can row

Seriously, anyone. Whether you’re an Olympic athlete or have never stepped foot in a gym, rowing at a studio such as Row House is something you can do. Indoor rowing is a great way to stay in shape, get back in shape or exercise for the very first time. If you and your bestie are on opposite ends of the fitness spectrum, you can still erg together! #FitFam

3. If you’re injury-prone, rowing is the way to go

Rowing is a low-impact workout, so it’s easy on your body. If you are prone to injuries, hopping on the erg and rowing is a safe bet. Say goodbye to those achy knees, ankles and feet.

4. You can track your progress

Tracking your meters (how far you’ve rowed) and your split time (the average time it takes you to row 500 meters) is seriously addicting. The monitors on the rowing machines at studios like Row House allow you to track your progress, which keeps you motivated.

5. You can mix up your routine with rowing

If you are already committed to a certain workout regime, rowing is a great way to mix things up. Running a marathon? Taper or recover by rowing. Usually into yoga or Pilates? Choose indoor rowing as your cardio. 

You can book your first class at Row House NYC here. See you rowing soon. Cheers!

This article was contributed by our friends at Out of Office NY.