Every year, I come up with a plethora of new year's resolutions to keep. I tend to maintain my goals for about a week and then skip a day and give up. This is probably because my resolutions are usually things like "spend four hours in the library every day," "don't eat French fries ever again," "lose 20 pounds," etc. These are very unrealistic goals for me, but something about the new year always makes me think I'm going to change. I'm not though.

I find it comforting when I remind myself that I'm not the only one in this boat. If you're sailing alongside me and need some inspiration for more practical goals, try a few of these.

1. Eat desserts other than chocolate

I'm a mega chocolholic. Because of this, it was pretty difficult for me to order crème brûlée over chocolate mousse cake at dinner the other night. But once I finally did try it I discovered it was pretty dope and nothing to be afraid of. Expand your dessert horizons.

2. Choose a show on Food Network to watch religiously

Pick one that's about a kind of food you're not super familiar with. Learning in general isn't always fun but food is definitely an exception. For example, if you don't know a lot about Italian food, watch "Everyday Italian" with my girl Giada. Despite living in Alabama for almost three years, I still don't know jack shit about southern cooking so I'm going to start watching "Trisha's Southern Kitchen" with Trisha Yearwood. 

3. Cook one new meal a month

Or if you're not really into cooking, try one new restaurant per month. If you can't even commit to that, order one new meal at a restaurant that you're already acquainted with per month. Be it date night, a GNO, a BNO (not sure if that's a thing) if your parents are in town, or if you need a little "me time," give it a shot.

4. Go to the gym twice a week

I know you're busy, but twice a week for 45 minutes to an hour at the gym isn't a lot to carve out of your tight schedule. Chances are you'll realize the gym isn't so bad—working out is a great de-stresser and it makes you feel better physically and emotionally. Going for a run is also great, but the gym will be the perfect temperature, have motivating vibes, and will be jam packed with lots of attractive people.

If you realize it isn't so bad, you'll want to go more often than twice a week. If you aren't already hitting the gym with some regularity, setting the bar any higher than two weekly visits might seem like a burden and make you reluctant to fulfill that.

5. Take one group class at the gym

Just try one and do it the second you've unpacked. It doesn't matter if it's yoga, pilates, zumba, or an ab class. They're so much fun and the instructors never push you too hard. The reason I say take one group class instead of making an ongoing commitment is because you'll feel less pressure; it won't feel like a task. But much like going to the gym for a regular workout, you'll probably find that there are worse things in life and it'll be worth going to more. Not to mention, your student recreational center or gym is probably included in your tuition, and tuition ain't cheap. Take advantage of your resources!

Obviously, these resolutions are not meant to help you build character or help you become the best version of yourself. They're meant to make you step out of your comfort zone and recognize that virtually any accomplishment is worth being celebrated, whether you've cured cancer or you've chosen to order creme brûlée instead of chocolate mousse cake for dessert.