Doing things by yourself can seem pretty daunting, but the magnitude of growth, confidence, and overall happiness you gain can be motivating to try a few of these. The following are five things to try on your own. Now remember, doing things for and by yourself does not necessarily mean staying at home 100% of the time. 


This past summer I flew by myself from Rhode Island to Ireland and spent 2 nights alone in a little Irish town before meeting up with my cousin to travel together. I honestly loved every second of it and embraced my "me time." One morning, I woke up at 4:30 am caught a bus to my favorite beach and swam in the Irish Sea at sunrise with a group of locals, got terribly lost on a hike in the mountains for hours, and sat outside a cafe to eat a leisurely breakfast all alone.

Traveling by yourself can make you feel free and provoke you to get out of your comfort zone. You are solely in charge of catching your flights, navigating public transportation, and developing your own itinerary. You may find yourself having to seek assistance from strangers or ask someone to take your picture, but you can literally do what you want when you want without compromising.

I highly encourage talking to locals, getting lost in a new country, and truly embracing a new culture. Do this and watch your inner fearless self emerge, ready to take on anything upon return to your home country.

Grocery Shopping

Lindsay Peckham

Grocery Shopping is one of my favorite things to do on a Friday afternoon after a long week. I like to take my time and look for items that are on sale or I have a coupon for, different fruits and vegetables that are in season, and grab a little treat for myself, like some non-dairy ice cream or a kombucha. More importantly, I like to buy items that I can make into healthy meals that will fuel my body with wholesome nutrients and help me remain energized the following week.

By grocery shopping alone, you could find yourself starting a conversation with a stranger over a certain product you are both looking at, which is an interaction that would not have taken place had you been with a friend. Also let's be real, whenever I arrive at Stop and Shop with my reusable bags in my grocery cart and my Scan It! in my hand, I cannot help but feel like I am hard core adulting

Go on a Walk or Hike

No matter the season I love going on walks. So don't let the cold refrain you from getting outside and moving, just throw on a large scarf, a hat and some gloves and become instantly invigorated by the cool, crisp air.

Going on walks can do wonders for regulating your mental state and fostering a greater appreciation for nature. Walking by yourself may seem intimidating because there is no one to talk to, but I urge you not to bury your face in your phone either. Try listening to podcasts or music instead and keep your head up in order to stay alert in the moment and really take in your surroundings.


I love lighting a candle or diffusing essential oils in my bedroom. I also enjoy applying a face mask that makes me look like a sea monster while sipping a warm cup of Dandy Blend tea, and looking through a cookbook for new recipe ideas. Doing all of the things I enjoy reminds myself how important it is to take care of my body and soul.

I cannot stress self-care enough. I am a firm believer you should make time for yourself, regardless how busy your schedule is. Making time to do something you personally enjoy will make you feel both refreshed and relaxed, so make sure you fit something into your schedule. 


Yoga/Meditation is my favorite way to get my body moving and re-center my active mind. Yoga builds physical and mental strength, endurance, and flexibility and can be practiced anywhere from your bedroom, floor all the way to the beach.

All you need is yourself and perhaps a yoga mat. Yoga is an extremely personalized practice and all that really matters is you are exerting yourself the maximal amount you can on any particular day. Consistency in key, so make a routine of practicing yoga/mediation and watch as your body and mind transform.

Whether you are outgoing or a homebody these activities for extroverted introverts provide the perfect balance. So try incorporating any or all of these suggestions to show yourself some self love and instigate a better version of yourself. You always have the ability to control the level of happiness for yourself, by yourself.