Making new friends is something you’ve had to do all your life (some of us are admittedly better at it than others). As a freshman in college, you had orientation, dorm life and new organizations to join — conveniently all filled with other people looking to make new friends, just like you. After graduating from college, it can get a little trickier.

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Post graduation, you might have moved back home and your home friends have moved away (or moved on); maybe you’ve relocated to a completely new city where you don’t know anyone — either way, congrats! Welcome to the real world. But now what? 

The bad news is that without your usual crew, you might start to feel lonely, which is normal. The good news is that it’s not impossible to make new friends as an adult. And though making new friends can seem scary (especially if you're doing it alone), it can also be really fun.

Here are 10 ways to make new friends in your post-grad life. Don't be afraid to try out a few! 

1. Go to as many events as you can.

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You'll never meet new people if you're just sitting inside all day with Netflix and refuse to leave your apartment. Get yourself some fresh air and attend events that interest you — the more specific the event is to your interests, the more comfortable you'll be to start up a conversation with someone who likely shares that same interest. You never know who you'll meet until you put yourself out there.

2. Ask your college friends if they have any friends in your area. 

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After graduation, you probably miss the few real friends from college that you've made. But maybe, your friends have other friends in your area, too. Reach out to see if they can introduce you to them. Better yet, if you see or hear that they're in your town, hang out and ask if they can have their friend tag along — that's at least one more person that you've just become friends with.

3. Talk to your neighbors and to your coworkers.

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A great way to make new friends is by talking to those that are around you, like in the cubicle or apartment next door. You never know what mutual interests you have with your neighbors or co-workers until you talk to them. Start out by asking them about how they started working there, what made them move to the area or feel free to ask for help with something that you don't understand.

4. If you see a cute dog on the street, tell its owner that you think it's cute. 

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There's never been a better time to voice your opinion, and that includes opinions on dogs. By telling the dog's owner that you think their dog is cute (which it probably is), not only are you voicing your opinion, but you are also engaging in conversation. Life's too short to let all cute dogs go unnoticed. Chances are, you'd probably do anything to see that dog again — so don't be afraid to make small talk and ask the owner to hang out.

5. If you're crunched for time, use Bumble.

While most people use Bumble to meet someone romantically, you can also use it to make new friends. Set your app to BFF mode in the settings and swipe right for potential new friends. 

6. Ask your family members if they know anyone near you that you could befriend.

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Like your friends, your family probably knows some people that either live and/or work near you. All you have to do is ask and if they do know someone, request that they connect you with them. Having someone else introduce you over social media or via email can make it less intimidating than reaching out on your own. 

7. Go out with your roommates and introduce yourself to their friends.

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Chances are that if you just moved into a new place with new roommates, you probably don't know them all that well and vice versa — maybe you met them online or through mutual friends. So hanging out with them outside of your apartment with their friends can't hurt. Not only will you get to meet new people, but you'll also get to know your roommates a little bit better.

8. Visit your local pet adoption center and bond with others over your love for animals. 

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Back in college, there were days where the counseling center would bring in dogs (or cats) to pet and play with as a stress reliever. Just because you're not in college anymore doesn't mean that you can't go pet dogs and cats for stress relief, and one of the best places to do so is at an adoption center. Other animal lovers will probably be doing the same, so start talking them up. 

9. Go to a taping of your favorite TV show.

Most popular talk shows and game shows, or even some sitcoms, do tapings of their shows with a live audience. If you're a die-hard fan of a specific show that has a live audience, get tickets to a taping. Chances are the people that are there all like the same show as you, thus serving as an easy topic to discuss with those sitting around you before the camera starts rolling.

10. If you have a gym membership, find a workout buddy.

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For some, working out alone can get boring pretty easily. By asking the people near you to workout with you, not only are you working towards being healthy, but you're also making friends to help you along the way. Most goals — especially those that are relating to health and fitness — are much easier to accomplish when you have people supporting you.