Now that we’re used to summer and our work or leisure modes are dialed in, we can’t forget about our miles-away friends from school scattered nationwide. Though indulging together is always best, these shippable treats will be a close second and may warrant a best-friend-shoutout Instagram. And, there’s no judgment if an order (or two) are made to your address.

East Coast

Zabar’s—New York

Far-Away College Friends

Photo by Adam Zuban via Flickr

Zabar’s is a carb-lover’s mecca. Send your friend some signature New York bagels, a culinary claim to fame of the big city. An NY Original Toasting Bagel Bag comes with 18 kosher, assorted bagels for $26.94. All he or she will need to contribute is a smear cream cheese or lox of their choosing.

Baked by Melissa—New York

Far-Away College Friends

Photo by Junenoire Mitchell Photography via Flickr

Bite-sized desserts make for a perfect gift, as they aren’t overly indulgent but still don’t skimp on sweetness. Baked by Melissa makes multi-recipient orders simple and tops packaging with a fun rainbow bow. The “mini of the month” Chocolate Pretzel, is only available until June 30, while other flavors like Chocolate Chip Pancake and Pink Velvet dipped in chocolate are here to stay—and ship. Their 25 miniature cupcakes go for $20, which is the minimum delivery amount.

The Midwest

Usinger’s Sausage—Wisconsin Photo by Brian Cors via Flickr

Usinger’s Sausage is a quintessential food of Milwaukee, WI, along with Miller beer and dairy products. A sausage shipment—with the help of some trusty dry ice—will satisfy even a fussy meat-lover. It’s called summer sausage, after all, so send the means to be a perfect a tailgate host or participant. We recommend the Nibbler’s Bonanza both for snack variety (and partially) the killer name.

Garrett’s Popcorn—Illinois 

Far-Away College Friends

Photo by Omar Chatriwala via Flickr

Though it may sound silly to ship such a simple food like popcorn across the nation, Garrett’s Popcorn is the exception. The gooey caramel-cheese Chicago mix is a melt-in-your-mouth snack, the combination of savory, sweet and entirely addicting. Though the cheese powder will ruin any manicure your friend may have, each mouthful is worth it. So long, pricey movie theater popcorn. A one-gallon tin of Chicago mix will set you back $33.

West Coast

Pike Place Fish Market—Washington

Far-Away College Friends

Photo by David Rytell via Flickr

Located near the first Starbucks shop, Pike Place Fish Market is as efficient as it is touristy. Fresh fish and photographing are both fair game in the bustling marketplace, but you don’t have to venture to Seattle to taste the seafood. Fresh and smoked salmon, white fish, crab and shellfish can be ordered by the pound with overnight shipping. We’re itching to make these fish tacos with the tilapia fillet  for $11.99 per pound.

Last Bottle—California

Far-Away College Friends

Photo by Kathy via Flickr

Last Bottle, in Napa Valley, deems themselves “your daily purveyor of fine wine.” Daily wine bottles are offered at a discounted price, and if a customer happens to buy the last bottle of the deal, $25 is credited to their account. This intrigue—and the allure of sending a friend a bottle from wine country—is the best find for a sophisticated friend. Viticcio Chianti Classico Riserva 2009, sounded nice to us, but check back for ever-circulating offers.

The South

Kermit’s Key West Lime Shoppe—Florida

Far-Away College Friends

Photo by Rich Kaszeta via Flickr

Shipping pie may come at a decadent price—dry ice and packaging ramp the cost to $38.95—but the summery flavor comes from no better place than Key West. Even more, the chilled, tangy dessert is a lighter pie and won’t make your friend feel too bloated for the beach the following day. A nine-inch pie is our recommendation, and who could turn down a green dessert from a place called Kermit’s?

Bon Bon Macarons—Texas

Far-Away College Friends

Photo by mellow-stuff mie via Flickr

The list of macaron flavors offered resembles the lengthy lists at coffee shops of flavors pumped in lattes. Instead of just a shot of chai, hazelnut or blackberry, macaron flavors at Bon Bon extend into more fun realms like fruity pebbles or champagne-flavored. If you’re feeling even more adventurous—and willing to shell out $4 for a mini cake-like treat—we recommend the strawberry, bacon and cream cheese macaron. There’s a $40 minimum—order and toss in some unexpected flavors for your pal.

Goldbely is another great site to check out, which will ship just about any regional favorite across the country. Check out how it works here.