When I got to college, I found myself searching for any drink that wasn't beer at parties. I couldn't find a type of beer that I liked and felt as though my options were a bit limited.

beer, alcohol, liquor, ice, wine, lager, juice, cider
Alex Frank

After some much needed research, I have collected some of the best "beer cocktails" the Internet has to offer.   

1. Adam's Apple

beer, alcohol, liquor, ice, ale
Alex Frank

Technically an "Adam's Apple" should be one half Sam Adams Boston Lager and one half Angry Orchard Hard Cider—but as a broke college student, I opted for Natty Light and I was happily surprised with the results.

This mix had almost no taste of alcohol, and a hint of apple. This could also work with a Mike's Hard Lemonade, Twisted Tea, or another flavored hard beverage.

2. Natty Cocktail

ice, alcohol, soda, liquor, beer, juice, cocktail
Alex Frank

The Natty Cocktail is what happens when someone who knows nothing about beer tries to come up with their own cocktail. This drink definitely makes the Natty easier to go down, but the club soda does a slightly less than stellar job hiding the taste. I would try a flavored seltzer or some other sparkling drink to add a bit more flavor. 

3. Beer Margarita

cocktail, juice, ice, alcohol, liquor, tequila, lemon
Alex Frank

A beer margarita is.... you guessed it—a typical marg with some light beer added in. I used half a beer, one shot of tequila, and filled the rest with limeade. This drink masks the taste of beer but replaces it with the taste of tequila. Feel free to change up the proportions to what tastes the best to you.

4. Shandy

alcohol, beer, ice, juice, liquor, wine
Alex Frank

Technically, a Shandy is made with light beer, ginger beer, and lemonade. I used Sprite and the mix was very refreshing. I added in lemonade after, and it was even better. This drink is very sweet, but there was no taste of the beer at all. 10/10.  

5. Modified Gridiron Punch

juice, ice, soda, lemonade, cocktail, alcohol, water
Alex Frank

Typical Gridiron Punch calls for any type of beer, pineapple juice, and lemon lime soda. This combo was subpar, so I added in a splash of Grenadine and the results were truly amazing. This mix completely masks the taste of beer, and is so sweet. Gridiron Punch is (obviously) supposed to be made in large batches but as a single serving, it was still tasty. 

6. Chelada

juice, beer, alcohol, ice, liquor
Alex Frank

Probably my favorite of all of these drinks is the Chelada. A simple mix of light beer (I used Corona Light) and a whole lime. The results were a refreshing and tangy drink.

The name "Chelada" comes from the classic Mexican beer cocktail the Michelada, which is made with a lot of different sauces and spices. But since I didn't have Worcestershire sauce hanging out in my dorm room, the Chelada is a perfect replacement.

7. Penaché

alcohol, liquor, ice, juice, beer, wine, soda
Alex Frank

A European mixed drink, Panaché is a simple combo of light beer and lemon lime soda. This drink definitely masked the taste of the Corona Light, and tasted pretty good. I used 1/2 beer, and 1/2 Sprite and it was just the right amount. This drink is an easy way to spice up any beer last minute.

8. Sidewalk Slammer

beer, liquor, alcohol, ice, juice
Alex Frank

Okay, okay... I know neither Four Loko's or King Cobras are technically beer. However, they are malt liquor which is beer with a higher alcohol content (usually above 5%). Theres about five shots in one Four Loko and about four in a 40 oz. King Cobra, aka this drink will get you very drunk. Four Lokos come in all different flavors so try 'em all.

Drink up, friends.