Growing up in Fairfax I spent most of my weekends sampling the cuisines of all of Northern Virginia’s top restaurants. I developed a love for good food and a passion for trying new things. One thing I have learned over my years of restaurant visits is that not all food is photogenic. I have put together a list of some of my favorite restaurants that will make you feel like a pro food photographer.


1. The Clifton Cafe


Photo by Catherine Sevidal

The Clifton Cafe is located in the small, quaint town of Clifton only a few minutes away from campus. The Cafe is known for it’s sweet and savory crepes and unique coffee flavors. The Cafe is the perfect place to cozy up with a good book and a large cup of coffee. I guarantee you will get that absolute perfect latté photo that is sure to get you loads of likes.

2. Peterson’s Ice Cream Depot


Photo courtesy of @northern_virginia on Instagram

If you grew up in the Fairfax area you most likely know that this is the most popular summer spot. Their soft serve ice cream is simply out of this world and can be paired with more toppings than you can imagine. Plus, they have the perfect comfort foods like cheese fries, chicken strips, and hot dogs. Anyone who goes to Peterson’s knows that it is simply a must to take a candid picture with your picture perfect ice cream cone.

3. True Food


Photo courtesy of @true_food_kitchen on Instagram

For all my health fanatics, this is the place to be. True Food takes a creative twist on healthy eating. There are some of the tastiest gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options you can find. Not only are these foods delicious, they are also beautiful, vibrant, and always seasonal. Nourish you body and enhance your insta feed.

4. Farmers Fishers Bakers


Photo courtesy of @farmfishbakedc

Good food is always better with a good view and Farmers Fishers Bakers has one of the best views around. Located on Washington Harbor you can see the Potomac River while you eat your brunch. Brunch includes one of the best buffets around and passed Hors D’oeuvres. The food is out of this world and you’re going to need to take a long walk down the harbor after indulging on the 1,000s of more than worth it calories.

5. Baked & Wired


Photo courtesy of @gabscelz on Instagram

Baked & Wired have the quirkiest and most decadent cupcakes around. Visiting Georgetown is a must if you’re a Mason student and most people stand in lines for hours at Georgetown Cupcake, which yes is something everyone has to do at least once, but all the locals know if you want an equally good (if not better cupcake) without the line around the block, Baked & Wired is the place to be.

6. Cava


Photo courtesy of @aliciatenise on Instagram

The perfect place when you’re craving the ease and freshness of Chipotle, but are in the mood for Mediterranean. A bowl from Cava always makes for a great photo because of the vibrant colors of the ingredients and the artful drizzle of your favorite dressing.

7. Matchbox


Photo courtesy of @noetma on Instagram

If you’re indecisive like me this is your place. There is seriously no way you can go wrong ordering here. Everything here tastes too good to share and is too pretty to eat. But if you need some guidance, I promise the salmon is the best you will ever have and pizza is always a good idea.