Another year is about to kick off at Dalhousie and Spoon University at Dal will be soaring to a whole new level. We’re looking for fun people who love food, meeting new people, and sharing helpful tips with others living in Halifax.

What is Spoon Dalhousie you may ask?

Spoon University is an organization that posts about everyday living how to’s, delicious places to explore food, and ways to make cooking and eating food simple for everyday. Campuses all over the world have “chapters” to make posts more relatable to students and connect with the community. Spoon is on a mission to make food make sense for our generation.

Now that you know what Spoon is all about, here are some reasons you should join the Spoon Dalhousie team.

1. It’s delicious.

Spoon Dalhousie

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You get to taste, make, and talk about all things food. Explore local restaurants and make new creations.

2. Go viral with your posts.

Spoon Dalhousie

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Students at Dal, friends of friends, and maybe even some people from the other side of the country will read your articles. If you’re really good, you could even be featured on Buzzfeed or Yahoo!Food with an article or get to take over the Spoon Snapchat for the day. We got to take over their snapchat once this summer giving us an excuse to blow money on brunch and macarons just to show the world how we “spoon”!

3. Meet new people.

Spoon Dalhousie

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Spoon Dal is filled with students from all years and all programs. It offers a fun environment to meet new people who have a common interest. You’ll have people to talk about and indulge with at the new hot restaurant down the street.

4. Explore Halifax’s growing food scene.

Spoon Dalhousie

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Spoon Dalhousie tries to get Dal students into the food scene of Halifax and help people discover good food near campus. What better way to do so than to try all the restaurants with all your friends?

5. Help out fellow students.

Spoon Dalhousie

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We all have nightmares of the dining hall: strolling down the hall to see a lineup for today’s feature mash of unknown substances. As a member of Spoon, you can learn and broadcast the inside scoop on how to master the dining hall or avoid it through hacks, where the nearest corner stores are, easy meals, and budget friendly restaurants.

6. Be part of a startup.

Spoon Dalhousie

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Well doesn’t that sound fancy? Spoon is fairly new and was started by two young college students attending Northwestern University in 2012. Since then, it has grown enormously and has chapters at 150+ schools. Join the movement and start doing what you do best—eating food, talking about food, and taking pictures of food.

7. Be part of a fun and unique club not revolving around academics.

Spoon Dalhousie

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Spoon Dal is easy going and has nothing to do with academics. You get to meet people, talk food, and be creative.

So, did we sell you?

Follow our Instagram, tweet to our Twitter, and explore our website for information on applications and to see more about what we’re all about. Don’t stress, it isn’t an application to reject members but for execs to get to know who you are.

Seriously, what are you waiting for? JOIN!