In an interview with Condé Nast Traveler, Madelyn Cline showed her fans around Charleston, South Carolina, the city where she films her Netflix show Outer Banks. In it, she shares her favorite spots to grab food. “The first stop when we get to Charleston, we are stopping and getting a sweet tea immediately,” she said in the video. But after sweet tea? She’s going for oysters. “Everybody has their own opinion. Oysters, that’s a very personal experience.”

Where Madelyn Cline goes for oysters in Charleston:

“If I’m taking you to get the best oysters, I’m taking you to Leon’s [Fine Poultry & Oyster Shop],” Cline continued, claiming they have “the best fried chicken, the best oysters, and the best orange wine.” Now, she might be right on the orange wine and fried chicken, but of the dozens of spots to get oysters in the city, 167 Raw Oyster Bar is my fave. As someone who has been going to an island off of Charleston for the past 20 years, I have eaten at many of the city’s hot spots for food and wine, but here's where to get the best oysters in Charleston, in my personal opinion. 

When you put the word oyster in the name of your restaurant, you really have to deliver a good mollusk. Though the oysters at Leon’s are decent — you can even see the employees shucking them at the bar — they are incomparable to the oysters at 167 Raw Oyster Bar. Here’s why.

Leon’s Fine Poultry & Oyster Shop

Leon’s has a very cute and homey environment perfect for lunch. The casual atmosphere aligns with the southern charm. The sides for the oysters are the usual (a lemon and cocktail sauce) except they don’t have horseradish, which is a big red flag in my book. But what takes Leon’s down a notch is their oyster selection. The choices are limited. I would rather go down the street and stop at Jack’s Tavern for the best burger you will ever have in your entire life.

167 Raw Oyster Bar

This is definitely the spot where to get the best oysters in Charleston. 167 Raw Oyster Bar is located in the heart of Charleston on King Street, around all the great local bars and tourist destinations, The luxurious atmosphere and design of the place is paired with the extensive options on the menu. At this oyster bar, you select exactly what oysters you want, depending where they are from. They have several locations to choose from, at least eight, that change often. The sauces are perfect, with none missing from the ice tray. The one downfall is there are no reservations, and there is always a waiting list. But that shows how desirable their food is. Thankfully, they have a bar, right around the corner where you can grab a few drinks and appetizers while you wait.