Most bars are known for their drink specials, crazy shot names, or the atmosphere that never ceases to entertain, but something that often goes under the radar are the tasty snacks that many Auburn bars serve.

Sky Bar

Photo courtesy of Mackenzie Barth

Sky Bar, home to the largest group of Auburn’s students, locals, and visitors has one of the most unique atmospheres and buildings. The many different levels, rooms and bars make it the ideal place for people of all ages to hangout. One thing that some Sky Bar frequenters know well is the very tasty (although rather unhealthy) snack bar menu. The two best things on the menu are easily the Sky Dog and a cheesy pizza. What could be better than having two of the best junk foods while you’re out at a bar?

Moe’s Barbecue

Photo courtesy of @moesbbqboulder Twitter

Moe’s is the ultimate barbecue place because not only do you have some of the best barbecue around but you also have all your friends, great drinks, and TVs on every wall so you can watch whatever game is on! Although famous for their barbecue, Moe’s is also known for their constantly changing sides and specials. A few favorites are easily their cheesy Mac ‘n Cheese, corn bread, homemade chips, seasoned fries and about any other southern favorite you can think of (but much better). Moe’s early evening drink specials, especially on Tuesday nights, make it the perfect place to grab a good drink and a great meal.


Photo courtesy of @quixotesauburn Instagram

One of the Auburn bars that is home to more of a younger crowd is Quixotes. The open atmosphere with back patio and indoor pool tables make it a great place to hang out either late at night or late afternoon. Although mostly recognized as a bar, Quixotes’ Bar and Grill menu includes some favorites such as tacos, burgers, quesadillas, queso dip, and hot buffalo wings. So if you are looking for a place to hang out, play some pool, have a couple of drinks and a great bite to eat Quixotes is definitely your place.