The Spoon Choice Awards celebrate eateries in college towns for providing the most delicious food and inviting environments to students in the area. All of the winners are chosen by college students at universities around the country.

Every college student knows the value of having a reliable, delicious, pocket-friendly eatery. When you've exhausted all the ingredients in your kitchen or simply are not in the mood to cook, the ideal option is a spot that is affordable, especially if you really own the "broke college student" lifestyle. 

Of course, there's no one cuisine that goes hand and hand with affordable, so there's plenty of options for a variety of taste buds. From deli sandwiches to pho, there's a spot for every mood. These are the best budget-friendly restaurants as chosen by college students around the country who know a good deal when they taste one.

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Design by Spoon University

Duchess, Fairfield, CT

Photo by Dutchess

Duchess is your solid, reliable American joint, serving deli sandwiches, hot dogs, and wraps. The staff pride themselves on efficiency, so you get your food fast, but not by compromising quality.

Nominated by Fairfield University

163 Vietnamese Sandwich, Boston, MA

Nothing beats delicious banh mi for just $6. And you can't discount the spring rolls, super friendly staff, and quick service.

Nominated by Boston University

bb.q Chicken, Boston, MA

Photo by bb.q Chicken

bb.q Chicken has it all: low prices, an expansive menu, and delicious, authentic Korean food.

Nominated by Boston University

Maria's Taqueria, Boston, MA

Maria's is a trusty, no frills taco joint that has tasty burritos, tacos, and fajitas with great portion sizes for decent prices. As a plus, every now and again, it has student discounts

Nominated by Emerson College

Bahn Mi Huong Que, Boston, MA

Banh Mi Huong Que is a casual spot with a wide selection of banh mi sandwiches, all for just about $8.

Nominated by Northeastern University

New Kam Sheng, Bronx, NY

New Kam Sheng is a go-to for delicious, reliable Chinese food. The best sellers are the affordable egg rolls and beef fried rice. 

Nominated by Manhattan College

Design by Spoon University

Salt burgers + fries, Chicago, IL

For under $10, you can get a single-patty cheeseburger and a side of fries and feel like you're eating a meal that should cost twice the price. There's even an Impossible burger.

Nominated by Loyola University of Chicago

Fat Sandwich Company, Champaign, IL

At Fat Sandwich Company, you will definitely get the best bang for your buck. The popular and delicious Fat Milf sandwich includes cheesesteak, chicken fingers, bacon, mozzarella sticks, mayo, and ketchup inside a amoroso roll, served with fries, all for just $10.50.

Nominated by University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

10Q Chicken, Evanston, IL

Photo by 10Q Chicken

This beloved chicken joint is known for its quick service and consistent quality taste. And, all chicken sandwiches are under $10. 

Nominated by Northwestern University

King Gyro's, Valparaiso, IN

King Gyro's cooks up scrumptious, decadent American classics, like Chicago-style hot dogs and steak sandwiches, alongside tasty gyros and Greek pitas. One of the cheapest food items, the quarter-pound cheeseburger special, is just $2.95!

Nominated by Valparaiso University

Biemer's BBQ, Lawrence, KS

This spot is an ode to classic Kansas City barbecue with pulled pork sandwiches, brisket, and ribs, all at decent prices. 

Nominated by The University of Kansas

Papa Keno's, Lawrence, KS

Papa Keno's serves massive East Coast-style slices from dough that's made fresh daily with local ingredients, but never breaks the bank.

Nominated by The University of Kansas

Jerusalem Garden, Ann Arbor, MI

With a homey, charming ambience and food made with love, this family-owned Mediterranean restaurant is a go-to favorite for many in Ann Arbor.

Nominated by University of Michigan

DP Dough, East Lansing, MI

Photo by DP Dough

A calzone-lover's paradise, DP Dough offers over 30 different calzone combinations on its menu, as well as the option to make your own.

Nominated by Michigan State University

Plaza Mexican Grill, Columbus, OH

Nothing says a night out like cheap tacos and margaritas — two things that Plaza Mexican Grill prides itself on.

Nominated by The Ohio State University

Vintage Brewing Co., Madison, WI

This family-owned brewpub serves up elevated American food, including sandwiches, burgers, and salads and offers nightly deals.

Nominated by University of Wisconsin-Madison

State Street Brats, Madison, WI

Madison's own State Street Brats is all cheese curds, brews, and of course, brats, wrapped up in a lively, fun atmosphere.

Nominated by University of Wisconsin-Madison

Design by Spoon University

Taco Boy's, Phoenix, AZ

With $10 meal bundles and high-quality, authentic dishes, Taco Boy's is an affordable downtown Phoenix favorite.

Nominated by Grand Canyon University

El Guerdo Canelo, Tucson, AZ

Photo by El Guerdo Canelo

El Guerdo Canelo is owned and operated by Daniel Contreras, who started his business in 1993. His commitment to quality and taste at low prices is what makes this spot memorable. Plus, the Sonoran dogs are a local favorite.

Nominated by University of Arizona

Burrito Boarder, Tallahassee, FL

Burrito Boarder brings a tasty, diverse menu of papa fritas, taco vampiros, and street tacos. The tacos regularly range from $4 to $5 and are even cheaper on Taco Tuesday.

Nominated by Florida State University

Dick Mondell's, Gainesville, FL

Photo by Dick Mondell's

Dick Mondell's, complete with a drive-thru as well as a walk up window, proudly serves burgers, salads, and ice cream containing locally-sourced ingredients. Even more impressively, nothing on the menu is over $11. 

Nominated by University of Florida

Cook Out, Atlanta, GA

Dick Mondell's, complete with a drive-thru as well as a walk up window, proudly serves burgers, salads, and ice cream containing locally-sourced ingredients. Even more impressively, nothing on the menu is over $11.

Nominated by University of Florida

Kaldi's, Atlanta, GA

Kaldi's is a beloved coffee shop with all the usual suspects: lattes, teas, and bites to eats. The variety of drinks and food selection on the menu, however, is much different than other cafes like it. Try the chocolate chai latte or the turtle frozen beverage to see why.

Nominated by Emory University

Skyline Chili, Highland Heights, KY

This Midwestern-based chain is a favorite for its decent prices, cheese coneys, and of course, chili.

Nominated by Northern Kentucky University

Barracuda Taco Stand, Baton Rouge, LA

Barracuda's claim to fame is its award-winning tacos that have been recognized by Gambit's Best of New Orleans. Best of all, they're only $4.

Nominated by Louisiana State University

Empanola, New Orleans, LA

Founded in 2017, this trendy, local favorite sells empanadas under $5 with both sweet and savory fillings.

Nominated by Tulane University

Sip Pho, Austin, TX

Located right on the University of Texas at Austin's campus, Sip Pho is known for its delicious pho, large menu, and friendly staff.

Nominated by The University of Texas at Austin

Dutch's Burrito Bar, Fort Worth, TX

This fast-casual spot has affordable burritos, salads, nachos, and bowls and is conveniently located nearby Texas Christian University.

Nominated by Texas Christian University

Piada Italian Street Food, Richardson, TX

'Italian' and 'street food' are not two words you typically envision next to each other in the U.S., but Piada Italian Street Food wants to change your mind. You can get a piada (an Italian flatbread wrap) or a bowl of pasta for just under $10.

Nominated by The University of Texas at Dallas

Mochinut, Richmond, VA

Photo by Mochinut

Mochinut serves up a scrumptious selection mochi donuts, Korean rice flour hotdogs, boba, and soft serve. Its mochi donuts are a go-to, as there are 25 flavors to choose from.

Nominated by Virginia Commonwealth University

Design by Spoon University

Sam's To-Go, Goleta, CA

Known as the "House of Best Sandwiches and Burgers," Sam's offers a large range of hot and cold sandwiches in varying sizes, for only about $8.

Nominated by University of California, Santa Barbara

Freebirds, Goleta, CA

A longtime favorite of Isla Vista residents, Freebirds is well-known for the burritos and nachos. Choose from its selection of regular burritos, or go for a monster burrito if you're looking to feast.

Nominated by University of California, Santa Barbara 

Lou's Cafe, San Francisco, CA

Lou's is the spot to grab a sandwich. The menu is looong with over 25 different types of sandwiches to choose from. The jalapeño spread is also a go-to favorite.

Nominated by San Francisco State University

Cheba Hut Subs, Eugene, OR

Photo by Cheba Hut Subs

This eccentric spot with a Simpsons-themed mural has a both unique atmosphere and tasty sub sandwiches for cheap — what more could you ask for?

Nominated by University of Oregon 

Burger Bar, Ogden, UT

Providing that classic, old fashioned burger joint experience, Burger Bar serves delicious American food for less. The portion sizes are also remarkable — you can get a kids' meal for less than $5, which comes with a burger, fries, homemade fry sauce, and a drink.

Nominated by Weber State University

Aladdin Gyro-Cery, Seattle, WA

First opened in 1993, Aladdin Gyro-Cery is a fast-casual favorite that prides itself on some of the best Mediterranean/Greek/Middle Eastern cuisine in the area. The large, filling meals come at amazing prices.

Nominated by University of Washington

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Header photos courtesy of 10Q Chicken and Dick Mondell's.