Here are some sweet summer snacks near Rutgers University!

With warm weather approaching, refreshing snacks are a necessity more than ever to quench your sweet tooth.

Playa Bowls

Starting with the delicious Pura Vida Acai Bowl from Playa Bowls, the bowl is mixed with granola, Nutella, strawberries, mangos, and blueberries. 

Andon Bury-Longino

It's hard to go wrong when the granola and Nutella mix into a thick crunchy bed for the soft, sweet mangos and strawberries above.

When you get to the blueberries, all of that sweetness is balanced out with a subtle tartness that rounds off the bowl.

Hidden Grounds

Done with your bowl of acai? Wash it all down with a delicious Rose Matcha latte from Hidden Grounds and you're golden!

Andon Bury-Longino

It's a delicious alternative to the typical coffee shops around campus and includes a fun ambiance to enjoy while you're there.

As simple as the latte may look, the flavors come together really well, especially when mixed.

Not your type of drink? Never fear. Gong Cha is here!

Gong cha

Gong Cha is a great option if boba is more your style. They offer a nice variety of flavors including the following two.

Andon Bury-Longino

Here, we have Strawberry Almond Jelly Milk Tea (left) and Hershey's Cookies N' Cream Milk Tea (right).

I couldn't even pick a favorite because they complement yet oppose each other so well.

The strawberry drink is very sweet, fruity and quite light, while the Hershey's is thicker, chocolaty, and very fudgy.

16 Handles

Still not enough? Luckily, there's one more sweet treat I'd love to recommend.

Andon Bury-Longino

This mango sorbet with mini mochi, blueberries, strawberries, popping boba, sprinkles, and lychee should completely knock out that sweet tooth once and for all.

The fruit offers a natural, refreshing sweetness that accompanies the candy-like toppings and fruity mango sorbet. 

The most interesting part of this treat was the lychee. I had never heard of this fruit before, let alone tasted it. 

The tropical fruit tasted quite nice, adding a sweet bite to the combinations of flavors.   

Finishing thoughts:

Whether you stop by all, or only a few of these establishments, you will find something fresh and yummy to sweeten up your summer. 

All of these places offer a wonderful selection of snacks, so if something doesn't look quite right here, I'm sure you will find something great.

Happy eating!

These photos were taken and granted permission for use by Julia Alhenawi and Andon Bury-Longino.